Game Programming Experience

Programming: C++, C#, C++/CLI.
Scripting: Python.
Shading: HLSL.
Engines: Torque Game Builder, Unity3D.
Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, PIX for Windows, Mono Develop.
Win32, DirecX10, DirectX11.
Worked on over a dozen student game projects to date. Work has included engine programming, graphics programming,
gameplay programming, AI programming, and more. All projects were a team effort. Favorites include:
TRIBERNETICA Capstone experience for Masters Degree. Triberentica is a Beat'em-up/Platformer hybrid. Responsibilities included AI
programming, camera controls, shading programming, and core engine development. AI system involves goal based
decision logic and spatial pathfinding that was generated procedurally.
THE HOGSHEAD ENGINE A collection of source code and middleware coalesced into a working engine. This code was originally developed in the
Spring of 2010. The code went through three major iterations up to the Summer of 2011: the first for the 2D game
Mechanized Forklift Rampage, the second for the 3D game Nuclear Gambit, and the third for the 3D game
Tribernetica. Responsibilities on the engine ranged from math library implementation, core systems, graphics, content
management, and data structures while game work included AI and gameplay programming. Also responsible for
system design, code maintenance, bug fixing/debugging, and optimizations.
NUCLEAR GAMBIT Made for 3D game class during Masters Degree. Nuclear Gambit is a Tunnel Racer/Survival game. Responsibilities
included player controls programming, camera controls programming, system interface with Direct3D 11, and content
ARTIFICIAL LIFE SIMULATION Two person project for an AI class during Masters Degree. AI evolve into new and emergent entities. Created a system
that went beyond traditional FSMs. Used probability for AI logic. Also created Bayesian Belief and Bayesian Decision
Systems for AI. Used weighted learning to change behavior.
RAPTORS! Game Jam for the IGDA 2010 Global Game Jam. Wrote raptor AI that uses line of sight and scent trails to stalk player.
PHOENIX TOWN RPG/Sim game pitch prototype for Michigan based company Reactor Zero. Responsibilities included gameplay
programming and design. Implemented pathfinding and the RPG system.
JURASSIC COMMANDER 3D Tower Defense Dinosaur Game for two players using Wiimote input in Unity3D. Used a plug-in for the Wiimote
for player controls. Implemented pathfinding. Wrote all gameplay/AI code.
Masters of Science in Game Design and Development, May 2011
Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Interactive Games and Media
 Design Coursework in history and critical analysis of video games, online identity and culture, development
processes, and immerging themes in the video game industry.
 Programming coursework in AI, genetic algorithms, artificial life, 2D game programming, 3D game
programming, multi-threading, editor creation for game engines, and pattern recognition.
Bachelors of Science in Mathematics May 2009
Michigan State University, College of Natural Science, Honors College, Game Design and Production Specialization
 Applied Coursework in physics, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, programming, and gameplay
 Theoretical Coursework in abstract algebra, linear algebra, chaotic and dynamical systems, analysis, topology,
algorithms, data structures, and iterative game design.
Teaching Assistant and Consultant for Professors in the School of Interactive Games and Media at
Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta, New York.
 Created and presented Unity3D tutorials, for student education, to faculty.
 Provided professor and student training on Unity3D.
(September-November 2010)
Programmer/Designer, Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.
 Designed and developed a serious Sim game intended for a 200-level engineering class. Game was used to teach
second year students about how electricity gets from power plants to consumers. Used Unity3D for development.
(May-August 2010)
Learning Assistant
Michigan State University, Lyman Briggs College, East Lansing, Michigan.
 Lectured weekly to a class of peers.
 Wrote and graded quizzes and graded exams weekly.
 Held office hours to assist students.
 Taught material in calculus II, III, IV and linear algebra.
(Academic years 2006-07, 2007-08)