brianna morrow

Perchlorate is classified as a crystalline substance . There are 5 different forms , it can be
man made or occur naturally .Magnesium, Potassium ,Ammonium , Sodium and lithium
Perchlorate . Perchlorate dissolves very easily in water . When at a ordinary temperature
Perchlorate is stable but when it is at the temperature 150 c or higher it begins to
decompose. Perchlorate becomes an explosive chemical when it is mixed with organic
materials .This chemical could explode if involved with fire . Sensitivity shock and friction
occur when contaminated with small amounts such as sulfur, powdered and carbonaceous
materials .
What is it used for ? Why was it developed
• Perchlorate is used for many things that we may not be
aware of .
• It is used as a major component of propellant solid fuels
for rockets and missiles . Its used in the production of
explosives & fire works. Perchlorate causes the blue
color in fireworks .
• Years ago it was used to treat people suffering from
thyroid disorders & Graves disease . Today it is still used
under limited conditions to test thyroid hormone
production in patients .
• It is also used for matches, dyes , lubricating oils , air
bag inflators , paint production , electroplating & some
chemical fertilizers
How is it prevalent
• Perchlorate is very prevalent in our
environment because we use it for so
many things .
• A military sight contains a lot of this chemical because it
is exposed from rocket fuel
• A swimming pool contains this because chlorine is used ,
and chlorine contains perchlorate
What's the concern ?
• The concern about this chemical is that we are exposed
to it through so many different connections .
• A study in 2002 was done on the comparison with thyroid
functions between rats and humans
• Brain morphometry, neurobehavior, and thyroid tumors
were some of the effects from being exposed to this
• These effcets showed up faster in rats because they
have a smaller capacity of thyroids compared to humans
What impact is the chemical having on
wildlife ?
• An experiment was done on cows , taking
samples of their milk twice a week and mixing it
with aliquot for milk somatic cell count (SCC),
composition, and perchlorate analyses . The
samples were heated for 15 minutes at 60 c then
at 40 c . After the results came back they proved
that the health of the animals was unaffected by
the perchlorate .
How are humans exposed to it
• Humans are exposed to perchlorates in many different ways .
• Humans are exposed to this chemical everyday by consuming food,
milk and water .
• It has been found in tap water , drinking water and ground water .
• gunpowder, temporary adhesives,
• electrolysis baths, batteries, drying agents,
• etching agents, oxygen generating systems,
• matches, chlorine and chlorine based
• cleaners, and pool chlorination chemicals
• Perchlorate has been found in many types of chewing tobacco .
• It has also been detected in cigarette smoke
How can we minimize exposure ?
We can prevent exposure by ..
using less of the many products that contain perchlorate
Avoiding contaminated dust
Not touching contaminated soil
Keeping anything that has been in contact with
perchlorate away from your eyes , mouth and skin
EPA to set limits on chemicals in drinking water
By the CNN Wire Staff
February 2, 2011 3:52 p.m. EST
• This article was written to basically explain that there was the
general concern of the effects that could occur from perchlorate that
is in the water that people drink on a daily basis of their every day
lives. 5 in 17 million people have been served contaminated water .
It explains how this is the 1st time that they’ve regulated the
chemicals not because of the effect it could have on people , but the
effect it could have on their child down the road . It could damage
the thyroid and also the process of the development in fetuses and
infants . This article relates to real life because as human beings
water is a necessity for us we have to use it for several different
reasons but most importantly we have to drink it to prevent
dehydration and other health issues . Therefore it is important that
the water we do consume is purified and safe enough for us .
• MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level): The highest level
of a contaminant that is allowed in drinking water. MCLs are set as
close to the MCLGs as feasible using the best available treatment