Funding lines

Kuali Budget Construction
Catherine Maddaford
KBC Administrator
Office of the Comptroller
Each funding line
• Each funding line contains two important
– Compensation plan
– Cost allocation
• Compensation plans represent the type of pay
• Cost allocation represents the accounts and
the distribution for each comp plan among
those accounts
Dates – split funding
• To ensure the correct distribution percent for
one comp plan, you cannot overlap the cost
allocation dates on separate lines.
• Each time period needs its own set of lines
adding to 100% for one comp plan.
• Note that some core pay for faculty may appear
with the same object code, but actually be
different comp plans. Check earning codes.
• Watch the totals and distribution percent when
you add lines with different dates. Refer to totals
at the bottom of the salary setting screens.
Entering Rate of Pay
• Each row contains the cost allocation distribution for
the account and comp plan shown, with the cost
allocation dates shown.
• Divide the Rate of Pay into the portions that you want
to pay on each cost allocation line.
• The rate of pay plus the cost allocation dates
determines the distribution percent.
• Each row that splits the cost allocation for one comp
plan must add up to 100% for the distribution percent
for that comp plan to be fully funded.
Cost allocation- Hourly
Cost allocation start and end dates for non-exempt
faculty and staff
• Default start date for non-exempt is 6/18/2015.
• Default end date for non-exempt is 6/29/2016.
Cost allocation pay rate
• Divide the hourly rate among the cost allocation
lines for the same comp plan to derive the
distribution percent.
Faculty Core Pay Comp Plan
Academic enabled pay comp plans, core only
• AWP is 9 or more
– Comp plan dates should be the same as the fiscal year start and
end dates (7/1-6/30).
• AWP is less than 9
– Comp plan dates should correspond with the faculty contract
period or work assignment.
– Please refer to Workday instructions for the different setups for
exempt and non-exempt part-time faculty.
– If you have not yet determined assignments, pool the part-time
faculty and mark the positions as “included in pooled positions.”
• KBC will display comp plan rate total based on comp plan
rate and AWP.
Sabbatical comp plan
• Also academic enabled pay.
• Also requires a comp plan rate entered in KBC
that may be the same as or different from the
cost allocation pay rate.
• Comp plan dates should match the sabbatical
Comp plan rate – 9/9
• AWP is 9 and DPP is 9 – core pay
– Comp plan and cost allocation rate are both 9month rates.
– Cost allocation dates drive the budget allocation,
so use the dates that correspond to their contract
– Comp plan dates should match the fiscal year.
• The Comp plan rate is the annual core pay
divided by AWP, or annual core pay/9 in this
case. This should match the contract.
Comp plan rate – 9/12
• AWP is 9 and DPP is 12
– Comp plan rate is the 9-month rate.
– Cost allocation pay rate is the 12-month rate.
– Both the Comp plan and cost allocation start and end
dates should be the fiscal year dates, 7/1-6/30.
• The Comp plan rate is the annual core pay
divided by AWP, or annual core pay/9 in this case.
• The Cost allocation pay rate is the annual core
pay divided by DPP, or annual core pay/12 in this
• Both totals should match to the contract.
One comp plan rate
• Enter only one comp plan rate per comp plan.
• Repeat the same comp plan rate in each funding line
for the same comp plan.
• Cost allocation is split 50/50 for core pay, AWP 9 and
DPP 12.
• Total monthly comp plan rate is $10,000 and total cost
allocation pay rate is $7,500 per month.
• Enter $3,750 for each line in the pay rate, but enter
$10,000 in each line for the comp plan rate.
• Total comp is $10,000 X 9 and total cost allocation is
$7,500 X 12.
Other faculty pay
See slides for Faculty Pay for more information
and examples on setting up faculty pay funding