2015 roots and foreign terms

8th grade 2015
Week 1
agon (contest, struggle)
alti (high)
ambu (walk)
ami (friend)
ad nauseam (endlessly)
aficionado (an ardent devotee)
Week 2
aster, astr (star, outer space)
athlon (prize, award)
aud (hear)
barbaros (foreign)
alfresco (outdoors)
alma mater (school from which one graduates)
Week 3
bellum (war, combat)
bene (good, well)
capit (head)
carn (flesh, meat)
antebellum (pre-Civil War)
apropos (fitting, at the right time)
Week 4
chrom (color, pigment)
cide (kill)
cord/card (heart)
cornu (horn)
au contraire (on the contrary, quite the opposite)
au naturel (a natural state)
Week 5
cred (believe)
crypt (hidden, secret)
cutis (skin, hide)
decimus (tenth)
avant-garde (cutting edge)
bona fide (real, in good faith)
Week 6
derma (skin, hide)
dict (speak, talk)
dis (away, not)
dorm (sleep)
caramba (oh my!)
carpe diem (seize the day)
Week 7
dorsum (back)
duct (attract, lead)
durus (strong, difficult)
ergon (work)
carte blanche (with full authority)
caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)
Week 8
fides (faith, trust)
feli (happy)
fin (end)
flex, flect (bend)
c’est la vie (such is life)
chic (stylish and elegant)
Week 9
folium (leaf)
fract, frag (break)
gen (birth, origin, race)
geo (earth)
circa (around)
coup (brilliant, successful action)
Week 10
gradus (step, degree)
gyn (woman)
hem (blood)
hetero (other, different)
coup de grace (merciful, ending blow)
coup d’etat (overthrowing of a government by a smaller party)
Week 11
holo (whole, complete)
homo (same, common)
humus (earth, soil)
hydr (water, liquid)
crème de la crème (the best of the best)
de facto (in fact)
Week 12
hyper (over, excessive)
hypo (under, below)
itis (inflammation)
ject (throw)
déjà vu (already seen)
double entendre (double understanding)
Week 13
jud (law)
juven (young)
labor (work)
log (study)
du jour (of the day)
en masse (all together, in a large group)
Week 14
loqu (speak)
mal (bad)
man (hand)
mar, mer (sea)
esprit de corps (group spirit)
faux pas (social blunder)
Week 15
medi (middle)
medic (physician)
meter (measure)
mis (wrong)
femme fatale (irresistibly attractive female who leads men into danger)
haute couture (high fashion)
Week 16
mob (move)
mons (mountain)
mono (one)
morph (change)
ipso facto (by that very fact or act)
je ne sais quoi (I don’t know what)
Week 17
mort (death)
nat (born)
nav, naut (boat)
necro (death)
jeune fille (young girl)
joie de vivre (enjoyment of living)
Week 18
neo, nov (new)
nomen (name)
nonus (ninth)
octavus (eighth)
laissez faire (to do as one chooses)
magnum opus (masterpiece)
Week 19
orb (circle)
ord (row, command)
orthos (straight, correct)
osteo (bone)
mea culpa (my fault)
modus operandi (mode of operation)
Week 20
paleo (ancient)
pan (all)
pac (peace)
ped (foot, child)
mon chere (my love, my dear)
noblesse oblige (nobility obliges)
Week 21
pend, pens (hang, consider)
phil (love)
phobia (fear)
phys (body)
nom de plume (pen name)
non sequitur (an illogical idea or statement)
Week 22
plus (more, many)
pod (foot)
primus (first)
pseudo (false)
nouveau riche (newly rich)
pardonnez moi (pardon me)
Week 23
psych (mind)
quartus (fourth)
quintus (fifth)
rhinos (nose)
passé (no longer fashionable, out of date)
per capita (per person)
Week 24
rid, ris (laugh, make fun of)
rupt (break)
sacr (holy)
sag (wise)
persona non grata (person not accepted)
piece de resistance (the most important part or feature)
Week 25
sal (salt)
sanus (healthy)
script (write)
secundus (second)
prima donna (temperamental, conceited person)
pro bono (for the good of the public)
Week 26
sed (sit, stay, place)
septimus (seventh)
sextus (sixth)
soph (wise)
quid pro quo (one thing for another)
RSVP-repondez s’il vous plait (please answer)
Week 27
sol (alone)
sort (type, variety)
specto (look, see)
sub (under, below)
savoir faire (social know-how)
status quo (the way things are)
Week 28
sui (self)
super (over, beyond)
tact, tang (touch)
tard (slow)
tabula rasa (blank slate)
terra firma (solid ground)
Week 29
tertius (third)
tox (poison)
tract (pull, drag)
vac (empty)
tete a tete (private conversation)
verbatim (word for word)
Week 30
ver (truth)
verb (word)
vis (see)
voc (voice)
vis a vis (in relation to)
voila (look at this)