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Al-Ru'ya Bilingual School
Homework-1- Answered
Elementary Science Department
Decomposers and Food Chain
Second Quarter 2015-2016
Pages 79-80-81
Grade 4_____Date____/____/_______ Name: ----------------------------------------------------
Q1. Use the words between brackets to complete the sentences below.
Organisms' Remains
Animals' Waste
1. Dead plants and dead animals are called organisms' remains .
2. Decomposers get energy from animals' waste and animals' remains.
3. Decomposers give the soil nutrients
4. Animals' poops and animals' urine are called animals' waste.
Q2. Write true or false beside the following sentences.
1. The food chain starts with consumers.( False )- Correct answer- starts with producers.
2. The sun is a part of the food chain.( False )-Correct answer- The sun is not an organism, and
is not part of the food chain.
3. Water food chain starts with green plants.( False ). Correct answer-Water food chains
starts usually with algae.
4. The arrows in the food chain shows were animals travel.(False)- Correct answer arrows
shows how energy move from one organism to another.
5. The food chain is a (drawing )diagram that shows how energy move from one organism to
6. Organisms in food chain, use all their energy they get, and do not store any energy in their
bodies.(False)-Correct answer-organisms store some energy in their bodies and use some
energy to live.
Q3. Write land food chain or water food chain under the diagrams below.
Land Food Chain
Water Food Chain
Land Food Chain
Water Food Chain