U.S. Special Operations Command Clothing & Textile Program

Overview of
U.S. Special Operations Command
Clothing & Textile Program
Fred Chan
Program Manager – SOF Warrior Protection
Natick Soldier Center
SOF Special Projects Team
Individual Protection Directorate
U. S. Army Natick Soldier Center
Reporting to: PEO-SOF Warrior,
U. S. Special Operations Command, Tampa, FL
Responsibility: Development and fielding of
clothing and individual equipment for SOF
operators (SPEAR program).
SPEAR Program Growth
• 10X funding increase to $48M in FY06
• $296M total funding in POM 06-11
• $193M PROC funds in POM 06-11
• $86M in O&M funds in POM 06-11
Current SPEAR Program
Lightweight Environmental Protection
Body Armor/ Load Carriage System
Modular Integrated Communications Helmet
Lightweight NBC Protection
Signature Reduction
Ballistic/Laser Eyewear
Modular Target Identification & Acquisition
Team/Platoon C4I
Physiological Management
Maritime Equipment
Survival Equipment
Lightweight Environmental
Protection (LEP)
• Environmental Protective Clothing
– Cold Weather Clothing (LEP & PCU)
– Wet Weather Clothing (PCU)
– Hot Weather Clothing
• Extremity Protection System
– Handwear (MGS), Headwear and Socks
• Tactical Boot Suite
– Winter Mountaineering Boot
– Hot Dry Boot
– Assault Boot
Body Armor Load
Carrying System
• Body Armor Systems
– Releasable Body Armor Vest (RBAV)
– Modular Body Armor Vest (MBAV)
– Low Visibility Body Armor Vest (LVBAV)
• Load Carriage Systems
– Enhanced Load Carrying System (ELCS)
– SOF Load Carriage System (SOF LCS)
• SOF Backpack system
– BALCS Backpack
– SOF Backpack System
Lightweight NBC Protection
• Garments
All Purpose Personal Protective Ensemble (AP-PPE)
Seven Day NBC protective garment
Slag Protective Suit
JSLIST Block 1 Glove Upgrade (JB1GU)
Maritime Equipment
• Garment
– Maritime Assault Suit (MAS)
– Combatant Crewman suit (rainsuit)
• Dry Bags
Survival Equipment
• Tents
• Sleeping Bags
Product Transitions
• Fielded by Army Rapid Fielding Initiative:
– Lightweight Environmental Protection
– Modular Integrated Communications Helmet
– Modular Glove System
– BALCS body armor plate
The product development relationship between
USSOCOM and the NISH needed improvements:
• Detailed specification vs. performance specs.
• Need access to rapid innovation and improvements.
• Overall product quality requires improvement.
• Enhance user acceptance of products.
Competitive Development
Model (CDM)
Establish a JWOD compliant process for
partnering the National Industries for the
Severely Handicapped (NISH) non-profit
agencies (NPAs) with commercial garment
vendors to produce higher quality, Berrycompliant products that improve user
acceptance in military applications.
CDM Objectives
• Improve garment performance by leveraging
commercial capabilities in design and innovation.
• Improve product quality through application of
“best commercial practices”.
• Establish a mechanism for technology insertion
and continuous product improvement.
• Improve user acceptance through branding.
CDM Parameters
• Selection process of partners is transparent.
• A contract defines relationship between partners.
• Partnerships should be mutually beneficial.
• Partnerships are for a specified timeframe.
• Partnerships are renewable.
• Partnerships can be terminated.
CDM Process
• USSOCOM defines product requirement.
• NISH identifies potential partners through
sources sought (i.e. using FEDBIZOPS).
• USSOCOM and NISH evaluate technical
proposals from potential sources.
• NISH selects partner and negotiates legal terms.
• USSOCOM, NISH and partner initiate product
Benefits to Industry
• Diversification of marketplace.
• Increase total market size.
• Eliminates need for domestic production.
• Involvement in design of garments for
“extreme” applications.
Benefits to NISH
• Continuous organizational learning of new
production techniques and quality assurance.
• Improved product performance and quality.
• Potential access to larger military or
government market.
Benefits to USSOCOM
• Improved access to commercial innovation.
• Improved product performance.
• Improved product quality.
• Improved user acceptance through branding.
Contact Information
Fred Chan
Program Manager – SOF Warrior Protection