SOF-C Special Operations Forces Consortium

Special Operations Forces Consortium, llc
Capabilities Briefing
Mike Cooper
Dan Hilty
SOF-C Mission Statement
“ Purpose built teams comprised of scientists,
engineers and operators solving operational
requirement needs and gaps, saving time and
resources through consortium collaboration. The end
result is rapid response and best value to the whole of
government with scalable solutions”
“Develop multiple options”
Product / Services Introduction to
Special Operations Forces
Rapid Product Introduction to SOF -- Establish Relevance!
Qualified Evaluation and Feedback -- Minimize Wasted Time / Money on R&D!
Decision Maker Up Front Buy In -- Know the Target Audience!
Match Products to Deployment Cycle -- Timing is Everything!
SOF Market Penetration -- Surgical Entrance w/ Problem Solving Products!
Commercial Market Penetration -- By-Product of “Tested by SOF”
“Understand the operational environment”
SOF-C Composition
• 24 Companies and Growing
• Mixture of 501(c)3, 8(a), SDVOSB and WOSB
• San Diego to Tampa to D.C.
• ~50% SOF Ownership / Leadership
• Academia, Laboratories, Innovators / Inventors,
Engineers, Government Contracting Experts and SOF
SOF-C Companies
Consortium Leads / Former SOF Personnel, DoD, DoJ, DHS
Black Bird Group and Quiet Professional Solutions
Select Veteran Owned Companies
Practical Relevance, The Macalan Group, Paladin Associates,
Goldbelt Wolf, G Force, RMGS, Blackheart International, Sofcoast, SF
Dynamic Solutions, AT-3 Solutions
Select Companies along with Academic Institutions,
Centers of Excellence and other Consortiums
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Penn State Electro Optics Center, PTR
Group, Stimulus Engineering, Scientia, Phoenix Data Corp, CASS
Management, ITOTA, Gravicom, SOSSEC, Engel Ballistic Research,
Battery Innovation Center
SOF-C Capabilities
Technology Transition Support
Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation
Engineering / Rapid Prototyping Capabilities
Software Development and Sensor Integration
Power and Energy Development
UAV / UAS Development
Specialized Training and Training Support
Program and Project Management Support
SOF SME Technical Support
Contracting SME Support
“Quality is better than quantity”
Target Customer Base
United States Department of Defense
United States Department of State
Intelligence Community of Interest
Department of Homeland Security
Border Protection and Special Operations Group (SOG)
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Counter Narcotics and Global Threats
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Naval Surface Warfare Centers
SOF-C Summary
• Scientists, engineers and operators in the mud together!!
• Special Operations Forces Consortium (SOF-C) is a SOF led group
of business entities to provide solutions to SOF and Whole of
Government requirement gaps
• Innovative businesses blended with former SOF operators and
senior staff members who know the operational environment and
• SOF-C is composed of purpose built teams / scalable to rapidly
Core Values
• Commitment in service to support the War Fighter and Whole of
• Efficiency - Accuracy from start to finish, doing things correctly the
first time
• Integrity in actions, methods, principles and expectations