The Outsiders

The Outsiders
S.E Hinton
Tyler Anthony
•In middle school
•Plays basketball
•Is not in a gang
•Parents are alive
•Is in High school
•Is in a gang
•Runs track
•Parents are dead
•Have two brothers
•Make good grades
•Have emotions
•Are poor
•Live on the east
•Are hoods
•Steal things
•Drive old
souped-up cars
•Are rich
•Wear madras
•Beat up
Greasers for
•Live on the
•They like drive in movies
•They enjoy rumbles
•They go to the same
Theme Slide
. When you stick
together it will be
much harder to
break you up.
Conflict and Resolution
Conflict-The conflict of the
novel is when Johnny kills
Bob and Ponyboy and Johnny
has to run away.
Resolution- The problem is
solved when Johnny,
Ponyboy, and Dally saves
the children from the
burning church and it makes
them look like heroes. Also
Johnny’s murder was under
self-defense so his charges
are cleared but he dies.
Ponyboy-The narrator of the novel. He is a good track runner and
he likes to watch sunsets, movies, and read.
Johnny- A 16 year old who has parents that really doesn’t pay
attention to him. He dies in the novel.
Dally- The most dangerous greaser. Has a lot of criminal records.
Really loves Johnny. He dies in the novel.
Soda- One of Ponyboy’s older brothers. A dropout from High
Darry- Ponyboy’s oldest brother. A twenty year old hardworking
man who has to keep Ponyboy in school and has to pay for the bills.
Two-bit Matthews-The oldest gang member. He loved to tell jokes
and shoplift. He also loved his switchblade.
Steve- A cocky, smart, tall seventeen year old. He was also Soda’s
best buddy since grade school.
• Bob- Cherry’s boyfriend and Randy’s
best friend. He dies in the novel.
• Randy- Bob’s best friend. The Socs
who comes to talk to Ponyboy about
the rumble.
• Cherry- Bob’s girlfriend. A red head.
She is the girl Dally was messing with
at the Nightly Double.
• Marcia- Cherry’s sidekick.
The Outsiders was a very
good book in my opinion. It
showed how the life of a
hood is. It actually made
me feel like I was in the
novel because it gave so
many descriptions. I just
think that it should have
had images so I could get a
better picture of the
settings. I learned that
being in a gang could have a
lot of consequences to