Welcome to Walt Disney's Magic World


Welcome to Walt

Disney’s Magic World

Book 3 / Unit 12

Walt Disney –

The Dreamer

Our Goal for this class …

• 1. vocabulary review

• 2. reading (paragraph 5&6)

--the gist, vocabulary, sentence patterns

• 3. Reading Game

• 4. Review

• 5. Homework

Vocabulary Review

Vocabulary Question Types


• Guess the Word

• English Meaning

• Idioms and



• Word Variation

• Translate into Chinese

• Sentence Making

Guess the Word

Q1. It’s a place where children and adults alike feel entertained and always eager to go again.

A: amusement park

English Meaning

Q2. A famous or well-known person...

Guess a word??

A: celebrity

Idioms and Phrases

Q3. Mother Teresa __________ her life _____ __________(help) the poorest of the poor.



Word Variation

Q4. There is no ____________ evidence to support his theory.

A: convincing 有 說服力的

Translate into Chinese

Q5. Janet will replace Betty as team captain next season.

A: Janet 將取代 Betty ,擔任下一


Sentence Making

Q6. Make a sentence using the word



Adding points

Q7. substitute A for B


Sentence Pattern-1

Q1. Although David is rich, he is unhappy.

 In spite of David's richness, he is unhappy.

Sentence Pattern-2

Q2. He didn't get the job despite all his qualifications.

 He didn’t get the job although he had all the qualifications.

(= He had all the qualifications, but he didn’t get the job.)

Sentence Pattern (*)

• Gerald will open the debate and I will sum up .

• To sum up/To conclude/To make a conclusion/To summarize, for a healthy heart you must take regular exercise and stop smoking.

The Gist of the Reading (1)

Difficult truth for


The Gist of the Reading (2)





Comprehension Questions

1. What kind of a theme park that Disney dreamed of?

 A safe and clean place where parents and children alike would be entertained.

Comprehension Questions

2. How did Disney create the Disneyland?

 He created it through the power of imagination.

Comprehension Questions

3. What kind of land will visitors be swept into when they visited Disneyland?

 Tropical jungles, American pioneer settlements, and storybook castles.

Comprehension Questions

4. What did Disney do from a very young age?

 He created his own comic strips and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist.

Comprehension Questions

5. Why did Disney recall the character

Mickey Mouse when he was thinking of a replacement for Oswald?

 It’s because Mickey Mouse was a little pet he had once had.

Comprehension Questions

6. What are Disney’s attitudes toward working?

 He never stopped trying to break new ground. Moreover, he was creative and highly dedicated to his work.

Comprehension Questions

7. Why does Disneyland become popular, successful and last for such a long time?

 Millions are allowed to realize their dreams in childhood because Disneyland leads them to an imaginative, happy and exciting land.

Disney’s Quote

The important of Mickey Mouse for Disney

I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.

-Walt Disney

Disney’s Quote

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

- Walt Disney

Our Goal for this class …

• 1. vocabulary review

• 2. reading (paragraph 5&6)

--the gist, vocabulary, sentence patterns

• 3. Reading Game

• 4. Review

• 5. Homework