Minutes of Meeting
10 April 2014
In Attendance
Chairman – Richard Owen-Smith
Group members – N Parkinson, G Fothergill, A Hyde, J Hyde, W Skaife, C Haigh, B
Grove members – C Hancock (Practice Manager), Dr P Jayakumar (Partner), O
Thompson (Admin)
Apologies received: Janice Cannon and Ann Newby
Groups Purpose
The Chair started the meeting by wanting to discuss the focus and way forward for the PPG. Very
simply the group appears to have become a discussion forum with very little action and has lost
focus. It became aware that a communication problem had arisen between the Group and the
Practice, with one believing the other to be organising the rotas for the volunteers. CH did remind
the meeting that the Group did belong to the patients and although the Practice has and always will
help as much as possible it was a patient group. The meeting all agreed that the Group had initially
been fundamental in speaking to patients in the waiting room, trying to inform them of new projects
and protocols within the Practice and needed to get this vital energy back into momentum. Walter
Skaife volunteered to put the volunteer rota together and any members wanting to take part should
contact him on The Group thanked Walter for taking this task onboard.
Annual Survey/Quiz
CH explained that the annual survey had been completed and resulted in the Action Plan but the
quarterly quiz would remain. The draw for the Jan-March quiz was Nr 5. OT will contact the winner
and give them their prize of a first aid kit.
Main Grove contact for the Group
The main contact for liaison with the PPG at the Surgery will be Olivia Thompson and her direct
number is 01924 784236
Group Numbers/Members
Christine Haigh asked about the numbers in the Group. There are now 37 patients, the majority of
which never attend a meeting. CH stated they had been written to asking if they wished to remain a
“virtual” member of the Group. The Group decided that OT would send the current Terms of
Reference to all members asking them to acknowledge receipt and to forward to the Chairman any
amendments/additions they wanted to make. Those members who did not do this would be taken
off the Committee. OT would inform them of this in the email.
The Chairman undertook to collate any comments received on the Terms of Reference and to
forward the re-drafted version to OT for forwarding to the Patient Group for further comments. The
Group decided to indicate that if no acknowledgement was received then the member would be
deducted from the Group. It was noted that there are virtual members who never attend or
contribute to the Group, therefore, it was agreed to “spring-clean” the membership list. Copies of
minutes are always uploaded onto the Website and paper copies on the PPG’s table in reception.
CH informed the Group of her resignation and felt it was time that a Secretary was appointed. After
discussion and suggestion from John Hyde it was decided that the Group needed to draw up fresh
Terms of Reference appointing Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Norma Parkinson
expressed her opinion that a treasurer was making it too complicated especially as there were no
funds to be managed. The Chairman stated a treasurer could be included in the Constitution but not
necessary to appointment immediately. It may be useful when applying for funding if any does
become available. The Group could start raising funds for the Practice in which case a treasurer
would be needed.
The Chairman requested CH/OT to advertise the fact that the Group was restructuring and make
another concerted effort to recruit new members by asking them to express an interest. OT
suggested we could put a message onto the prescriptions. John Hyde seconded this by stating it was
an excellent suggestion. The restructuring statement will also be put onto the website and
advertised throughout the practice.
OT will advertise the “restructuring” on the webpage, put on Jayex boards, notices around waiting
Suggestions for content:
Shingles and Pneumo vaccinations
Restructuring of the Patient Group
NHS Healthwatch contact information inviting patients to write re issues with the NHS Service.
New Rota Setup (more embargoed for same day appointments) and the fact that the Surgery is
trying new variations of appointments to see if access can become more efficient.
Mrs Parkinson wanted a heartfelt thank you to Grove recording for the recent care she has received
from the surgery.
No further meeting has been planned until the new Practice Manager starts in July.