PPT - World War I - Trench Warfare and Propaganda

Trench Warfare
in World War I
Trench Structure
• Protected by barb wire fences 5 feet high
• Concrete machine gun nests
• Trench’s on each side were separated by a
strip of land known as “no-man’s land”
Tactics of Trench Warfare
• Begin with artillery to flatten the enemy’s
barbed wire
• Mass of soldiers would climb out with
bayonets and run toward the enemy’s
• Men were often killed charging the enemy
• Planes were mostly used to spot the
enemy’s position
Horrors of Trench Warfare
• Poisonous gases like chlorine and mustard
were used
– Blindness, burns, and paralysis.
• Most trenches were infested with large
rats and lice
Horrors cont’d
• Many soldiers suffered from a fungal
infection known as Trench foot
– Caused feet to swell to two to three times their
normal size
– Could result in amputation of the feet
• Many suffered from “Shell Shock,” which
today would be called Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Some men had psychological breakdowns
leading to suicide and desertion
Questions to consider…
• If your country is at war, whose
responsibility is it to make sure that your
side is winning?
• What do civilians at home have to do?
– Would they be willing to give up certain
foods? To drive their cars less?
• American citizens were expected to do
these things for their country
World War I:
The Home
• Governments use propaganda to gain
support from the people
• In World War I it was used to…
– Convince people to go to war
– To get men to join the military
– To get people to invest money in the
– To get people to ration food
• Look at the posters and be able to answer
the following questions:
– What is the poster about?
– What is the poster trying to convince people to
– Who, exactly, is the poster appealing to?
– Is the poster effective?
• 1) What is the poster
• 2) What is the poster
trying to convince
people to do?
• 3) Is the poster
convincing? Why or
why not?
What are the
characteristics of these
propaganda posters?
They are colorful and appealing
They appeal to people’s sense of DUTY
They are convincing
Break into partners…
• You and your partner are government
officials during World War I
• It is your job to design a propaganda
poster advertising one of the following
– Using less food
– Saving energy (gasoline and coal)
– Joining the military
• Remember the four characteristics of
propaganda poster!