Alamo PowerPoint

The Alamo
Students should be able to understand the following:
• Where the Alamo is located?
• What happened at the Alamo?
• Identify famous participants at the
• What was the importance of the
Alamo in American History?
What is the Alamo?
• Mission San Antonio de Valero; established in 1718, the
first of five Spanish missions founded in San Antonio to
Christianize and educate resident Indians.
• Its mission role completed, the old buildings were
abandoned by 1836 when the site, by then known as the
Alamo, became the "cradle of Texas Liberty."
Texas Flag
• The official state flag of
Texas, called the Lone Star
Flag, was adopted in 1845
when Texas became the
28th state of the United
The colors represent
bravery (red), purity
(white), and loyalty (blue).
• The large white star was
first used on Texas flags in
the 1830's during the
battles between Texas and
What happened…..
• William Barret Travis and almost two hundred other
defenders found themselves surrounded at the Alamo
Mission in San Antonio in late February of 1836.
Refusing to surrender, they held off the invading
armies of Mexican Dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa
Anna for almost two weeks.
• On March 6, 180 courageous Texans were overrun and
slaughtered by well over 2000 Mexicans led by General
Santa Anna.
Events of March 3, 1836
• Day 13 of the siege: At 1:00 am Mexican troops (1,400
men) move towards positions. At 5:00 am Santa Anna
gives signal : Mexican bugler sounds Deguello, four
columns of the Mexican army advance on Alamo.
• Texans repulse twice the invaders with desperate,
intense fighting. Heavy Mexican casualties (nearly 600
killed or wounded).
Battle rages through The Alamo.
• 6:30 am : Last firing over. The Alamo has fallen...
In the words of General Vincente Filisola, "... by
grapeshot, musketshot and the bayonet, they were all
killed at last."
Colonel William Travis
• Texas commander of the
Alamo (age 26).
• His Appeal from the
Alamo for
reinforcements has
become an American
symbol of unyielding
courage and heroism.
• Gave his life defending
the Alamo.
Davy Crockett
• A genuine frontiersman and
Indian fighter who had no
formal schooling, he served in
the Tennessee legislature and
killed 105 bears between the
1822 and 1823 legislative
• "You can go to hell -- I'm
going to Texas."
• Pro-Jackson forces cost him
his re-election bid in 1835,
and he lit out for Texas with a
group of fellow adventurers.
• Died defending the Alamo
James Bowie
• Commanded volunteer
force at Alamo.
• Pneumonia disabled
Bowie, and he was
confined to his cot at the
time of his death.
• Known for his famous
"Bowie knife" and a
sometimes reckless
Santa Anna
• Led Mexican rebellion
against Texas
• After taking the Alamo, he
moved against the forces
being massed by Sam
Houston, pushing them back
toward eastern Texas.
• The army settled into a
siesta. And then the Texans
struck. Santa Anna was
captured the next day, in
silk pajamas.
Remember the Alamo!!
• Texan Army under Sam
Houston shouted
"Remember the
Alamo!" as they routed
Santa Anna at the battle
of San Jacinto on April
21, 1836.
• That battle secured
Texas independence.
• Houston was elected the
first President of the
Sam “The Raven” Houston
Republic of Texas.
• Without the Alamo there could have been no
Battle of San Jacinto.
• Without the Battle of San Jacinto, Texas could not
have existed.
• Without Texas, the westward expansion of the
U.S. would have been thwarted.
• Without the West, the U.S. would have remained
an Atlantic power, and not risen to become a
world power.
• Without the U.S. as a world power, the world as
we see it today would not exist