Rosea Access kieran loughran

Rosea Access Notes
Here are a few notes on access at Rosea from early November.
Boulder fallen over on third hairpin
The rock on the corner at the third hairpin on the old walking track has fallen over onto the downhill
side of the bend, forcing people outside and off the track downhill. However, there is a simple
The red line indicates where people are walking around the rock and eroding the very edge of the
old track. The green line shows where people can step up through the gap between the boulders
without causing erosion. A couple of the right size rocks would help to make following this line
more natural.
Top of Giant’s Staircase
Some people have had trouble finding the top of the Giant's Staircase to descend. There are currently
a few tape markers and a couple of cairns marking the turn off from the tourist track..In case these
disappear or it's dark, here's a GPS reading for the turn-off :
37.190150 S, 142.502186 E
Left Side of Rosea
The initial section of the access to the left side of Rosea has been fairly rough so recently I tried to do
a bit of tidying up on it. This involved clearing or cutting some fallen timber, trimming some bracken
and bushes and re-routing the track below the Coronary Country area.
The rock on the corner at the third hairpin has fallen over, forcing people off the track downhill. This
needs a little bit of rock-work to stop further erosion.
The route from the third hairpin to the Shadrach buttress is unchanged. To reduce erosion at the bend
I follow the track slightly uphill from the bend and then cut back left above the two large trees that sit
above the corner. The route up diagonally left and then across the hillside to the base of the first
buttress is obvious (I think).
Continue past Shadrach and the track passes just above the lip of a large landslip and then goes
under a fallen tree. A bit of wood has been cleared here.
Just after this tree the route used to go up the hillside towards the foot of Coronary Country. This is
now very rough and quite erosion prone. Rather than go up here, the route roughly continues
contouring around until a short rocky step just past Gillian.
Move up a couple of metres on the step until there is a choice of going left or right. For the climbs
further along, continue moving left across the hillside to Bourgeois Blues. For routes in the Coronary
Country sector (from Memories Of Provence to Twitter And Bisted) go right from the rock step.
From Bourgeois Blues things are as before.
Looking up left from the rock step, to Cry Freedom
Looking up at Gillian from the rock step.
Topos of the lower section of this part of the cliff.
1. Cry Freedom 20
2. Renate 18 R
3. Nightmare 22 R
4. Ma Cherie 16 R (first pitch shown here is well-protected)
5. Gillian 18