Materials – Tangible and Otherwise

Welcome to AP Calculus BC!!
Mr. Groden
Rm. 202
A and B Periods
Materials – Tangible and Otherwise
1.) Your brain and a willingness to accept
challenge and work like you never have
2.) TI – 83 or TI – 84 Calculator (If you get an 84,
try to get one with a new operating system).
More Materials
3.) Calculus text brought if you like…not
mandatory – perhaps buddy share?
4.) Notebook and/or binder (You will receive
loose papers)
5.) Any other supplies that have proven helpful
to you (BTW…I have no pet peeves regarding
pen or pencil)
You must work together to realize your highest potential.
We will be positive and respectful of each other’s thoughts.
Show boating is lame, and making mistakes in a comfortable
environment is how progress is made. We are a team!
More Expectations
1.) Come to class each day ready to discuss your
questions. Answers will often not be displayed, so you
must rely on each other to verify your solution
2.) You will be asked to volunteer your solution process
and lead your peers in small and large groups.
3.) This is a college course. You will receive and be
expected to complete great amounts of work nightly.
The Expectations Continue…
4.) We will be moving at a rapid pace. If you need extra
help, please make an appointment with me for after
school help (until 2:45 pm most days).
5.) You are expected to have mastered the concepts of
your past math courses. We will spend very little time
reviewing these concepts. I will sometimes stop going
over a problem once all the calculus is completed. If
you have algebraic, geometric, or trigonometric-based
questions, you must either get help from a peer, me, or
other sources.
Seriously, Mr. Groden, More
6.) Read ahead to future topics at your own
discretion or when I suggest it. It helps to
accustom yourself to new concepts.
7.) Ask questions early and often.
8.) Find my mistakes…I will make them, and I
am thrilled when you find them.
What’s the Deal with this Background?
Understanding Calculus in the following four
ways will get you there (Where’s there?)
• Graphically – a picture is worth a thousand words, meaning,
problems and results need to be drawn
• Numerically – data may be placed in table form and
calculations will be based on those values.
• Analytically – problems and results will be given as equations
and certain rules can be applied.
• Verbally – written as well as verbal explanations are used to
justify answers
Grading – Total Points System
Homework will be checked but rarely if
ever for credit…you are in college now!
• Tests will be worth between 60 and 150
points. At least two days advanced notice.
• Take-Home Tests are worth between 10 and
15 points and you will have between one and
two weeks to complete them. These come
after most tests.
• Indirectly, homework and class participation
and effort are 100% of your grade.
The bulk of this course’s workload is often the
studying and practice of new concepts.
Simply completing the homework assignments
will help, but is only part of what yields
Absence Policy
• If you miss class, make sure to ask a friend for
the work which you missed.
• If you miss a test due to absence, make an
appointment to make up your assessment –
either after school, during eop, or during class
(whatever you miss is up to you to make up).
Food and Leaving the Room
• Don’t ask, just grab a pass and look for the
• Bring food, bring drink…please do not leave
either behind, unless the item(s) is/are
unopened and may be consumed by your