Foundation for the Advancement of Economic Science, Faculty of

Foundation for the Advancement of Economic Science, Faculty of Economics
University of Belgrade and the International Labour Organization (ILO) are organizing
a seminar on Labour Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility. The seminar is
intended for last year undergraduate, master students and PhD students.
The seminar will be led by ILO Senior Specialist Emily Sims. A graduate of both law
and economics, she is now a Senior Specialist for the ILO Program on Multinational
Enterprises and Social Policy and manager of the ILO Helpdesk for Business. She
has authored many articles and co-authored two books: Corporate Success through
People and Labour-Management Cooperation in SMEs: Forms and Factors.
The seminar will be held in English and will be interactive. After the seminar there will
be a working lunch with the students.
Number of participants is limited to 20. Slots will be allocated on a first come first
served basis. Please sign up for the event by sending your name and surname, as
well as the name of the program of study, to the email address:
Date of event: 29.06.2015.
Place: Professors Hall, 1st floor, Faculty of Economics, Kamenicka 6, 11000 Belgrade
Time: 9 am - 14 pm
Extended deadline for signing up: 25.06.2015.
MONDAY, 29 JUNE 2015
1. History of the International Labour Organization (ILO)/Introduction to International Labour
Standards (ILS)
This session will provide a brief overview of the ILO, its core mandate and key events in its history.
Students will also learn why the ILO remains relevant today and the linkages between labour rights
and human rights.
Presenter: Emily Sims
2. Audio-visual presentation and interactive Q&A session
In this session, students will watch a 7min video presentation on ‘Pirates and Slaves: How overfishing in Thailand fuels human trafficking’ from the Environmental Justice Foundation, before
exploring some of the main environmental, ethical and labour issues raised in the video.
Participants: Emily Sims, students
3. The Cadbury case study and interactive session: child labour and exploitation in the cocoa
supply chain
In this session, students will participate in a semi-structured interactive discussion of the case study.
Students will be invited to reflect on their own experiences of the different issues raised in the case
Participants: Emily Sims
Coffee break and photo slide show
4. Reflection and interactive discussion
In this session, students will reflect on the issues raised in the video presentation and the case study.
Topics for discussion will include: Industrial Relations; the role of the state, the social partners,
tripartism, collective action and solidarity; CSR, GSC’s, OSH, FPRW etc.
Participants: Emily Sims, students
Discussion lunch with students