By: Shauri Thomas & Julia Verso
Comparing to sports
Cell Theory
Three parts:
All living things or organisms are made of
cells and their products.
New cells are created by old cells dividing
into two.
Cells are the basic building units of life.
Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic
Prokaryotic: No nucleus, Bacteria, It has a
capsule, and plasmid.
Eukaryotic: Has a nucleus, It is a plant and
animal cell, contains everything except a
plasmid and capsule.
Plant and Animal cells
Plant cells: Have a cell wall, eukaryotic cell,
has a chloroplast.
Animal cell: Eukaryotic cell, it has a
lysosome, and a centriole.
Found in eukaryotic cell (both plant and
 The nucleus is like a coach because he's the
‘boss’ and manages the team just like a
nucleus manages the cell.
Found in eukaryotic cells both plant and
 The nucleolus is like the play book because
its what the coach produces to manage the
Found in both prokaryotic and
eukaryotic cells
 The cytoplasm is like the field/court
because the court is where everything
takes place
Cell membrane
Found in both prokaryotic and
eukaryotic cells
 The cell membrane is like the AIA
because the AIA allows players or
prohibits them to play sports.
Found in both prokaryotic and
eukaryotic cells.
 The Ribosome is like the equipment
maker because the name brands (such
as Nike, Mizunos, under armor etc.)
create equipment for optimal
performance just as the ribosome's
create proteins for the cell.
Rough E.R
Found in eukaryotic (both plant &
animal) cells.
 The rough E.R is like the factory that
creates the equipment because its
where the product is being made, just
like the proteins in the cell.
Smooth E.R
Found in eukaryotic cells, both plant and
animal cells.
 The smooth E.R is like the training
facility because it creates strong athletes
and muscle just like the smooth E.R
makes lipids and hormones.
Golgi Apparatus
Found in eukaryotic cells.(both plant &
 The Golgi Apparatus is like the body
builder pills because it is filled with
enhancing mechanisms that are easily
Found in eukaryotic cells. (both plant &
The Vesicle is like a UPS store because
it packages, stores, and ships
equipment and other miscellaneous
A cytoskeleton is prokaryote, and found
in both plant and animal cells.
 A cytoskeleton is like a ball, because
just like a cell a ball or baton or any type
of equipment for a game needs some
sot or structure to keep its form.
A mitochondria is found in a plant and
animal cell.
 A mitochondria is like Gatorade because
it makes and stores energy.
in eukaryotic cells. Large in
plants, small in animals.
The vacuole is like a water bottle
because it stores the water for the
athlete to use and replenish himself, just
as the vacuole stores water for the cell
to use.
Cell wall
 Found
in eukaryotic plant cells.
 The cell wall is like a brace (knee, ankle,
etc) because it gives ridged/stability to the
player just like the cell wall gives to the
 Found
in the eukaryotic plant cell.
 The chloroplast is like the pre game
snack because its the food for the
athlete, just like the chloroplast has
photosynthesis.(food for the plant)
in eukaryotic animal cells.
The centriole is like the ever changing
rules because the rules are constantly
changing/ becoming new, just like the
centriole is used with mitosis.
in eukaryotic animal cells.
The lysosome is like physical activity
because both help with digesting food.