Forces and Motion Unit 7

Forces and Motion Unit 7
Exam Review
Law of….?
• The law that defines the more mass
something has, the more difficult it is to start
and stop is…?
• The speed of an object flying though outer
space with no other force acting on it will
• How many Newtons
of force is pushing
• What is the force
pushing down on
the 1kg mass?
• What is the force
pulling left?
Colliding Masses
• Two cars crash into each other.
• Which of Newton’s laws BEST describes why
both cars’ hoods are crumpled afterwards?
• Model with two aluminum squares and
discuss limitations
• A catapult launches a boulder.
• Which Newton’s law describes
why the rock continues to fly
after the catapult arm stops?
• Balanced forces on an object causes the
object to ______________?
• Unbalanced forces on an object caused the
object to ________________?
• The force that opposes all motion is
• A rocket weight 20kg and is speeding up at an
acceleration of 5m/s squared. How much
force does the rocked have?
Fill in the Blanks
• An object at rest stays at rest and an object in
motion stays in motion with the same
_________ and __________ until acted upon
by an unbalanced force.