The Curious Incident of the Dog in the

The Curious Incident
of the Dog in the
Table of contents
Why I have chosen this book?
The Curious Incident of the Dog in
the Night-time by Mark Haddon is
unlike any other book I have read.
That's because the narrator,
Christopher John Francis Boone, is
unlike anyone I have ever met. He
is a teenager with a developmental
disability who is a mathematical
genius but cannot understand
human emotions.
 This story makes me laugh and
cause me to see the world through
different eyes.
The novel is written
as if Christopher is
writing it for a class
assignment. He
numbers the chapters
in prime numbers
because that is what
he likes. In fact, you
hear a lot about what
Christopher likes and
does not like in the
pages of this mystery.
TONE: Conversational and matter-offact.
TENSE: Past tense
SETTING (PLACE) · In and around
Swindon, England, with a trip to
London, England.
PROTAGONIST: Christopher John
Francis Boone
MAJOR CONFLICT: Christopher’s
investigation of Wellington’s murder
leads him to uncover a number of
secrets about his parents, causing him
to lose his trust in Father and to set
out to London in search of Mother.
RISING ACTION: As Christopher
investigates Wellington’s murder, he
learns that Mother and Mr. Shears had
an affair, that Father and Mrs. Shears
also had an affair, and Father has
been lying to him.
CLIMAX: After a harrowing journey
on his own to London in which he
must overcome the limits of his
condition, Christopher reunites with
his mother.
moves in with Mother, successfully
completes his A-level test in math,
and begins to reestablish trust with
Father. He recalls all that he has
accomplished over the course of the
novel and sets out a series of goals
for the future.
THEMES: The Struggle to Become
Independent; Subjectivity; the Disorder of
Life; Coping with Loss
MOTIFS: Frustration with Christopher;
Science and Technology; Animals
FORESHADOWING: Father’s excessive
anger over Christopher’s desire to
investigate Wellington’s murder;
Christopher’s repeated SYMBOLS: The
Murder Investigation; Logic Puzzles, Math
Problems, and Maps; The A-Level Test in
observation that murderers typically know
their victims; Christopher’s discovery of a
letter from Mother in Father’s closet.
Christopher John Francis Boone
Ed Boone
Judy Boone
Mrs Alexander
Author’s idea
My opinion
Amnesia-lost of memory
Dachshund dog-a small dog
Hypothetical- Supposed
Metaphor- a comparison that does not use LIKE or AS
Simile- A comparison using LIKE or AS
Swiss Army Knife- a multi-tool pocket knife
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon