Lab 3: Firewalls

Lab 3
Lab 3
 Overview
 Insert a Linksys router between
 VM
 Service (server)
 Configure firewall
 Check working normal
 Block http
 Block ssh
Step 1: Set up HW
Port 1
WAN or Internet
Linksys Router
Default IP:
VM on PC
Wall Connection
Equipment restrictions
 14 Linksys “routers” available for this
 9 wireless (1 is weird)
 5 wired
 2 weeks to get done
Equipment etiquette
 Return equipment to original state
 Linksys Routers back to bench
 Power bricks
 Cables back to storage
 Hook the PC back to lab network
 Log off
Lab Overview
 Set a Linksys router to factory
 Connect router between pc and the
lab server
 Configure router
 Change router ip to match your network
 Configure router
 Ensure it works
 Restrict HTTP
 Restrict ssh
 When you connect up the router you are no
longer directly connected in the lab network
 No direct access to the hades server
 Access via the router
 Should have no impact to your VM for this lab
 Might impact how you do screen prints
 Lab 1 not done?
 See Lab TA to get a generic Debian to use
 Check the lab instruction for last saved dates
 May be updates for error fixes or extra information
Other notes:
 Firewall can be
 A piece of hardware inserted between pc and world
 Some software
 Both
 Can block/pass
MAC addresses
IP addresses
Specific hours
Specific services (protocols)
 By ranges…