The History Reporter Performance Task: Canada

The World Reporter
1st-2nd Grade
A reporter investigates stories and
gives reports to people about them.
A reporter researches to
understand everything about a
A reporter writes a report to be
printed in a newspaper or
magazine or to be read on TV or
A reporter uses main ideas and
examples in the report.
Main Idea:
A. Example:
B. Example:
Main Idea:
A. Example:
B. Example:
For this project, you are the
You have just been given a story to
It involves native tribes of Northern
You will need to research to find out
*their language
*what they like to do
*what they like to eat
Your first step is to use a map to find
out where Canada is compared to
your home.
On the computer, go to
Click on “Kids Edition”
Click on the blue continent, “North America.”
Find the United States, Canada, and Mexico
What is one other country shown on this map?
Many different people live in Canada.
Some of them are native tribal people.
One of these tribes is the Nisga Tribe.
Watch this video and find 3 facts about
how the Nisga people of Canada live.
Write them on your fact finder notes.
Sheena Azak of Canada
Now read with your teacher about
Canada from Culturegrams
Go to
Click on “kid’s Edition
Then North America
Then Canada
Read along as your teacher reads out loud about
Games and Sports
Life as Kid
Now write more notes on
your fact finder about
Games and Sports
Life as Kid
With your write a news story on what
you have learned about Canada.
1. With your teacher, look at all of your facts and think
about the video and Culturegrams.
2. What are two main ideas you can write about
Now with your group, add examples
to the two main ideas.
TV reporters usually introduce
themselves and where they are.
“This is World Reporter coming to you live from
Yakima, Washington.”
Write your introduction. You may have more than
one reporter.
TV Reporters also end their reports
with a final sentence.
On the scene in Yakima, Washington, this is World
Now write your final sentence.
Each person in your group should
practice reading the report out loud
like a reporter.
Be loud and clear
Look up from your notes and look at the camera!