Family LETTER and Classroom Expectations

FALL 2012
Dear AVID Families,
Hello, families!! For new families, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ange Martens and I am
the AVID coordinator and teacher at Anwatin Middle School. I have been teaching for 17 years in
the Minneapolis Public Schools district. But, this is my first year teaching in the AVID program. I am
excited about this opportunity and hope to meet you soon.
For those families who are new to AVID: AVID is a college preparatory program in which students
become the facilitator of their own academic success. AVID's mission is to close the achievement
gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.
provides weekly study groups directed by professional tutors. The AVID curriculum includes rigorous
lessons focusing on critical thinking; literacy; inquiry; and writing. Also, structured note taking; time
management; organizational skills; and advanced writing instruction are all strong components of
AVID. Also, guest speakers, field trips, and interaction in community and cultural activities,
enhance the AVID program. Family involvement is critical to students’ success in the program,
although the true motivation to succeed in AVID, as well as in all classes, comes from the students
AVID comes from the Latin word avidus, meaning “eager for knowledge.” Since its beginning in
California, the success of the program has been reflected in increases in students’ grade point
averages, SAT scores, college placements and self-esteem. As a member of the AVID team, you
can participate in developing the academic and personal strength of students who have made a
commitment to becoming actively involved in their own education.
What are AVID student expectations? AVID students maintain at least a "C" average; study every
night (at least 1 hour; [2 hours is encouraged] & read/write as much as possible). The AVID student's
goal is to successfully pursue a postsecondary education.
What are AVID parent expectations? AVID parents/families should encourage their students to
do the following: read every evening; write 3x/week; read their Cornell Notes/revise their Cornell
Notes; complete homework every night; put forth their BEST effort; communicate consistently with
the AVID Teacher, demonstrate cooperative behavior in the classroom/following the SOCIAL
CONTRACT; and become involved in AVID sponsored activities.
What does the research say about AVID?
Independent research, together with AVID's own data,
validate that the AVID college-readiness system works?!
AVID students are more likely to take
Advanced Placement classes, to complete their college eligibility requirements, and to obtain
admission into four-year colleges, than students who do not take AVID classes.
Almost all AVID
students who participate for at least three years are accepted into college, with roughly 75% being
accepted into four-year Universities. AVID also helps to ensure that students possess the high-level
skills they need to be successful in their lifelong academic pursuits.
AVID high school graduates
complete course requirements for college entrance rates at 87%-93% regardless of ethnicity or
socio-economic status, compared to the national average of 36%. This high rate of success for
AVID students contributes dramatically to closing the achievement gap.
Where is AVID?
AVID is in 4,500 schools in 47 states as well as the District of Columbia and 16
Please feel FREE to contact me with any questions or concerns.
or call me at Anwatin (612-668-2450). Finally, please read the BACK of this sheet for AVID weekly
requirements. Thank you for your support!
Angela Martens
Weekly Requirements for ANWATIN AVID STUDENTS
• Cornell Notes: In the AVID program, all students are required to be taking CN’s
every week. If they are NOT taking them in class, they can take them
while reading text books/class materials, etc. at home; using
notes/reading; etc.
• Weekly or Monthly Learning Logs: Students in the AVID program must
complete weekly learning logs. This may include learning logs in the
planner; however, we will typically complete them on Fridays in the AVID
• Organized Binder: ALL AVID students are required to keep an organized; neat;
clean; and complete binder with NO loose papers.
• Weekly Assignments/Class work: All AVID students are required to complete
their weekly assignments cooperatively (M/W/F). If work is late, there will
be a deduction in their grade. It is imperative that AVID students realize
the importance of putting forth a consistent effort for all school
• Tutorial Request Forms (TRF’s): AVID students MUST complete 2 TRF’s every
week. These are due at the beginning of each period on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. However, I encourage students to try to complete their TRF’s
earlier. In AVID we talk about doing homework earlier, than later. Their
TRF’s should be taken very seriously and should take students at least 20
minutes to complete.
• Reflections/Journal Writing: Grade 8 students will be keeping a Curiosity
Journal. If other students would like to start keeping a Daily Reflection
Journal, let me know. If students can buy notebooks for this purpose, I’d
appreciate it.
DAILY HOMEWORK: AVID students are required to put effort into maintaining all
of their subjects by doing consistent homework, every night (M-TH),
thereby facilitating their ability to keep up with ALL of their classes. This is
also great practice for high school and University. If students ever say, “I don’t
have homework.” please encourage them to do any of the following: Cornell Notes on
ANY reading; revise/review their CN’s in their binder (these are used for studying); learning
logs; journaling; and PLEASE encourage DAILY READING (novels; school books; internet;
magazines etc.).
• Extra Credit: AVID students at Anwatin can bring up their grades in several
ways. Currently, some students are keeping reading logs and vocabulary
logs. However, they can come to me and let me know what they’d like
to do for extra credit; and if it’s reasonable, it may be allowed
(independent projects, etc.)