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Sexual Reproduction Mind Map
1. Expand (by writing short definitions) on words such as: meiosis, gametes, fertilisation, pollination, pollen, testes,
ovaries, sperm, ova, ovulation, gonads, zygote, embryo, hermaphrodite, .
Meiosis: type of cell division that results in two daughter cells each with half the chromosome number of the parent
Gametes: A mature female or male germ cell that interacts together with the opposite sex during intercourse.
Fertilisation: a process of fertilizing an egg from the female reproductive system.
Pollination: The process of pollen being transferred.
Pollen: the fertilizing element of flowering plants.
Testes: The male reproductive organ that produces sperm to fertalize a female egg.
Ovaries: an organ that produces spermatozoa.
Sperm: The mature sex cell of an animal which fertilizes the ovum which has a head and one or more long tails
(flagella) for swimming.
Ova: plural for ovum.
Ovulation: to produce and discharge eggs from an ovary
Gonads: a sex gland in which gametes are produced; an ovary or testis.
Zygote: the cell produced by the union of two gametes, before itundergoes cleavage.
the young of a viviparous animal, especially of a mammal, inthe early stages of development within the womb.