Bare Feet
Sarah Parks
Click the cartoon for the music. Once opened, minimize
the music while it continues to play in the background.
Continue to the next slide.
In every slide, the Food network
emblem appears, click each time
after viewing the slide.
Read the passage and move back to
the powerpoint.
This skill set is acquired, not achieved.
Slouch. Taste. Think. Dream. Succeed. Converse. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
…tilting one’s head, letting a body hang, squinting eyes at the right angles…
The ideal “slouch” allows the viewer to really sink into the food.
…slink into position, slouch intently, and enjoy the show.
Using every sensory organ, one needs to act as if they
can taste exactly what is to be boiled, sliced,
steamed, zested, broiled.
A person’s goal acts as the
grainy vanilla bean,
success is the clue to what
is in the dish.
“I love to give my guests a clue to what is inside” (Ina Garten).
Wash up some
rinse all the good
that may come
from it, and
repeat of course.
One must be able to sniff out the
right way and time of using, maybe
even abusing this process.
Cook well, eat well, thing, dream, succeed,
converse, wash, rinse, repeat well.
As the show comes to an end, follow these
Minimize the slideshow and music (while you restart the
song) as you read through the essay, just the words.
Return to the presentation and truly analyze the photos
directly to the written piece.
Close out both the presentation and written copy, restart
the song to view the performer’s passion. Passion of food
to the passion of music. Observe.
Enjoy the show.