AIAA DETC Committee Meeting Minutes 8 Jan 2013, 51st ASM 2013

AIAA DETC Committee Meeting Minutes
8 Jan 2013,
51st ASM 2013, Dallas, TX, 7-11 Jan, 2013
Gary Honea recording
Jerry Brown (JB)
Chuck Hall (CH)
Dave Staggers (DS)
Lisa Saam (LS)
Russ Althof (RA)
Gary Honea (GH)
Sid Rowe (SR)
Clark Briggs (CB)
Garfield Creary (GC)
On Phone
Garth Mattson(G)
Jim Faoro (JF)
Brian Robbers (BR)
Meeting convened at 1900 CST with presentation distributed via WEBEX.
Member Services Director candidate introduced herself to the committee members and discussed AIAA
organizational structure and her role. She requested input and provided comments
Minutes from ATIO 2012 were reviewed and corrections were required to correct involvement of design
guide team members and wiki references. With these corrections the minutes were approved.
Announcement of Franz-Josef selection to associate fellow member was made by JB.
JB showed announcement for SDM in Boston, MA in April 2013, committee schedule, and sessions with
chairs. He also explained the New Event Model (NEM) will start at SciTech in 2014. CB noted this will
affect the number of meetings the DETC conducts in a year reducing from 3 to 2. If the TC needs to hold
3 meetings we can determine if Space has enough draw and we can attend there with applicable
sessions. This can be determined in June 2013. RA noted this may change the participation model, but
we can follow up on that later as well.
JB presented the AIAA vision and mission statement. RA presented the DETC charter statement. The
members discussed it briefly and sub-committee members talked about creating their own.
JB presented the AIAA organizational and TAC structure. He also presented the Technical Committee
training charts. Location of the charts is on the DETC website. The topics of the training class and an
overview of each were presented. This included workshops and the NEM. It was noted that the NEM
will allow greater opportunity to see more disciplines, but that will also be an issue with people having
too many options and having to miss some concurrent sessions.
JB presented the organization chart of the DETC. CB requested that Education sub-committee be called
“Design Education sub-committee”. JB updated the charts real time.
Membership was discussed. Members that are non-responsive to follow-up contact or have not been
participating were considered for removal. These include Joe Matus, Elizabeth Messer and PaulTatum .
CB suggested reviewing the participation model before removing them and trying one last time to make
contact. 2 new nominations to the committee were received. JB is trying to close the loop with them.
Committee members reviewed the nomination applications. Both Nans Kunz and Franck Dervault
appear to be excellent candidates . It was agreed they’d be accepted as new members once JB talks to
them and if they’re still interested in joining. The DETC must submit the finalized roster to the TAC no
later than 31 Jan 2013.
Prospective new member, Cliff Davies, was introduced. He currently works for Lockheed Martin Skunk
Works. His background experience is design tools and methods, program management for MDO/Design
on AFRL projects and is a subject matter expert used for design reviews. He is interested in being
involved in advancing the design process and is fully supported by his management in being a member
of the TC. JB expressed his belief that Cliff would be a good fit and the TC approved his membership
unanimously. JB will include him on the roster submission without the nomination form.
Discussed TC membership duration. Nominal duration of TC membership is 3 years. Basil Hassan at TC
training event suggested that healthy TCs maintain influx of new members. Some DETC members are
coming up on that rotation period. Basil also suggested bringing 3 associate members into the TC. If
they are not on the roster currently – it is OK.
Liaison assignments were noted. CH and CB are aligned to the academic affairs committee, RA to the
DBF but he is looking for support from other members of theTC to rotate into help with DBF. RA noted
that since he is on the DBF board someone else could fill the liaison role.
The participation model was discussed. RA is still keeping the spreadsheet up to date. CB and RA
reviewed the model for new members in attendance. It was explained that it is not meant to be
punitive only a way to understand and encourage broader involvement.
The treasure’s report was presented by JB. Current balance is $9,144.05. Royalties (book sales) were
noted. New TAC expense reimbursement requests were submitted for approval. They were: DBF
awards (best report and plaque) $175, Design Guides for both DBF and DETC best paper presentations
$730, and production of promotional pocket size design guides, $3,000. The committee also approved
RA to purchase more DETC polo shirts for new members. The TC approved all expenditures. Other
options for fund utilization were discussed. RA noted that TAC usually has un-dispersed funding that can
be requested and the TC has successfully applied for these in the past for DBF expenses. These
approvals come from the TAC.
The NEM and its paper session format was discussed. JB presented the organizational structure for each
conference. Kathleen arrived and helped to expand the details for Sci-Tech and answer questions of the
committee. She indicated the change should be fairly transparent, surveys have been delivered to help
clear up concerns. CB requested that the general chairs consider having education tracks at all
conferences or, if not, adding them to the ones that have open sessions. Kathleen indicated that
multiple award ceremonies may be conducted to limit the large attendance of individuals that are not
associated with the topics of consideration. She closed by asking everyone to vote in the upcoming
elections and to turn in our annual report by end of month January.
BR presented updates to the 2013 SDM sessions in Boston. The DETC sessions are scheduled earlier in
the week (Mon morning and afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning and afternoon). This is
a positive development that indicated more people may attend. BR also noted that there are more
spacecraft papers than in the past. He listed papers and identified the chairs and co-chairs of each
session. He noted that 38 papers were 29 were accepted. BR then requested additional evaluators for
the student papers. CH, CB, and GH volunteered. Manuscripts are due 19 March 2013.
RA has submitted the updated design guide to publications and is ready to start identifying and making
changes for a new edition (preferably sooner than last time). RA and LS are working on a DETC
Overview Presentation. RA also noted that the website has been updated.
Awards were discussed including nomination due dates, the number of members that qualify (6) and
that people need to find candidates early. Looking for at least 2 to even submit.
Sub-committee Reports
Design Guide – Russ Althof
The 6th edition of the Design Guide was finally published late in 2012 and available for sale at the ASM
conference. Thanks to all who contributed to this effort. AIAA Publications is also pursuing an App for
the design guide, of which a prototype was available for display and comment by the sub-committee and
full TC. Initial plans are to release a free version for marketing with minimal content. A later version is
planned with the full guide for a fee. And possibly a third version with interactive equations, tables, etc.
Concepts for the App were provided to Publications as input to the designer.
The S/C also discussed the possibility of printing a pocket guide version with condensed material similar
to the free App version, primarily for marketing of the Guide and the DETC. The cost was estimated to be
around $3,000 and a TAC funding request was submitted to cover the cost designing and publishing a
pocket guide.
Plans are already in work for the next edition update which will focus on three areas - updating Section 8,
re-drawing ALL figures and updating all current references. Some are very costly to AIAA Pubs and a
replacement could save publishing cost.
Design Process – Sid Rowe
At the 2013 ASM, the Process Subcommittee discussed the tools and processes initiative that is
underway for preliminary design. We talked about the differences in what we are doing and what is the
domain of the Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) TC. One distinction drawn was that our
interest is in the area of usage of these type tools where MDO would go into the derivation and
development of these tools. Issues with integrating these type tools are noted from the technical and
social aspects. A need was discussed of looking into the DETC call for paper to see about the need to
adjust for including papers for this interest area. Jerry Brown is getting Boeing Commercial to produce a
list of these type tools. A preliminary list from various sources is Paste Lab, Model Center, Rage, Acsent,
NASA Flops, Mode Frontier, and Boeing’s Design Explorer. Sid Rowe took an action to get someone from
NASA/MSFC to speak to the merits of Spaceclaim as a tool for use in this category during a future
telecon. Sid Rowe also took and action to add interested parties to the meeting notice for a future
telecon. Dave Staggers and Cliff Davies sat in on parts of the subcommittee meeting to determine their
interest in joining Design Process. Jim Faoro was tied in by telecon. Jerry Brown, Clark Briggs, and Sid
Rowe were in attendance.
Design Education –
ASM 2013 by Clark Briggs
Four members were present and none dialed in.
Reviewed subcommittee membership list, the charter/objectives, and the Fall 2012 DETC Newsletter
We reviewed the ASM 2013 Education Track, in which Clark chairs EDU1 paper session and Clark and
Chuck are panel members in EDU2.
We briefly discussed opportunities for larger education sessions once the SDM and the ASM are
combined in SCI-Tech.
Computer Aided Enterprise Systems – Mike had no report
Paper selection criteria was addressed by JB. Question was whether the papers submitted in design
should explicitly call out “Aerospace” to be allowed. JB said that might be necessary since that
distinguishes us from other industries. BR explained there was a rejection because there were too many
papers, but that the criteria that caused it to fall out was that it never addressed design in an aerospace
area (Army weather shelter in the arctic) but it should be based on its content primarily. It was and still
is a TC call to keep or reject. The wrong subject box should send up a flag and the TC should have an
opportunity to review prior to its rejection. CB offered that if a paper is the wrong subject and it is
discussed, will we have a formal process to disposition? This brought up the issue that the TC is
currently unable to handle a large volume of papers. Our reviewer count needs to be improved. The TC
discussed at length and had a general agreement that as long as the paper has design content that may
be applicable to aerospace then it should be accepted. A lively discussion ensued regarding solicitation
of papers and the need during the review process for communication regarding those papers back to
the TC member that solicited them. No conclusion was reached so the topic was placed on hold for
further discussions.
The latest call for paper verbiage was reviewed and accepted.
A call for DETC vice-chair nominations was announced. Nominations close 14 February. SR is the new
incoming chair. RA explained for the new members the chair and vice-chair selection process and
commitment of 4 years requirement with company approval. These nominations must be completed
prior to the next conference. Vote is held in March 2013.
DETC strategies were discussed. JB asked the sub-committees to provide their own details based on
what is published by AIAA. These will be submitted to the website and a pointer to the private group
document folder will be provided.
A motion to adjourn as made by RA and seconded by SR. The meeting was adjourned at 2110 hours.