Synthesis-Mesopotamia and Egypt

History of the
Ancient and
Medieval World
Synthesis: Mesopotamia
and Egypt
Walsingham Academy
Mrs. McArthur
Room 111
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Week 5: In-Class
Egypt: Synthesis
Tues. Quest Preparation
Wed./ Quest
Bring colored pencils
Roots of Judaism
* In order to have a homework-less
weekend, we have to be organized and
diligent. There will be additional time,
some days, to work independently. To
use this time wisely, you are expected
to have every class period your text,
notebook and study/work materials.
(for week 6)
Bring Text to Class Every Day
Bring colored pencils to quest
Because of our quest and our schedule
adjustments, the following
assignment is due Friday:
1. Read text, pp. 57-61.
2. Complete Note Taking Study Guide
3. Answer 3 Checkpoint questions.
4. Complete 2 Thinking Critically, pp 61.
5. Define 12 blue, highlighted words.
Reading Skill:
Identifying Supporting Details
Test Yourself
Early Civilizations
30 Points Total
Format includes:
• 10 Multiple Choice (10 Points)
• 1 Essay (15 Points)
• 1 Drawing (5 Points)
Preparing For Tests
• Organize your lecture notes,
PowerPoint Presentations, readings
and Virtual Field Trip notes.
• Rehearse out loud every day.
• Participate in note taking and class
• Ask questions based on personal
• Anticipate questions by forms
indicated. Use Study Aids.
• Use the buddy system.
• Observe deadlines.
When you write a
history essay:
Brainstorm and then organize
logically the key ideas, which
you feel address question:
• Explain and relate to other
ideas (analysis-why important)
• Support by facts (what
• Provide evidence (How do we
prove it?)
Question: What was the role of
geography in Mesopotamia’s cultural
Sample Answer (condensed):
Mesopotamia’s geography,
dominated by the violent and
unpredictable flooding of the
Tigris and Euphrates rivers,
promoted a pessimistic, even
fatalistic outlook toward life.
Mesopotamia’s literature, for
example, the Epic of
Gilgamesh, supports this view.
In this epic poem, we see the
fearsome effects of a terrible
flood and finally we see nature
(snake) triumphing over man.
Topic Sentences
Geography played a big role in the
development of Mesopotamia’s
culture. (C)
Geography had both positive and
negative effects on Mesopotamia’s
cultural development. (B)
Although there were some positive
benefits, Mesopotamia’s
geography, on balance, had a
negative impact on the Fertile
Crescent’s cultural and historical
development. (A)
Comparing and
Contrasting: Civilizations
Similarities, differences and proofs
(how we know)
Organized Religion
Central Governments
Specialization of Labor
Social Classes
Public works (roads, etc.) +
Fine Arts (art, architecture)*
Literacy (writing)
Specifically Consider: What do they tell
*Epic of Gilgamesh
Roots of Judaism
“The One God of Judaism”
1. What key point does God make in this
2. How is this idea different from the religions of
other early cultures in the Fertile Crescent?