Igor Sikorsky

Igor Sikorsky
Davis Wood
Core 1-2
Ms. White’s Science
March 15, 2016
Mr. Sikorsky liked to say that "the work of the individual still
remains the spark which moves mankind ahead," and he proved it
throughout his life.
A little about him
Igor Ivan Sikorsky
Born on May 25th 1889
Died on October 26th 1972
He came to New York on March 30th, 1919
He was born in Russia
He started his work in 1910
He was only 20 when he built his first airplane
He died of a heart attack after a days work in the office at
the age of 83
• What I found interesting was that he died after a day of
What he did
• He started Sikorsky Aero
Engineering Corporation
• He is credited with not
the first Helicopter but the
first practical one
• The name of it was the
VS-300 (right)
• He also designed and built
the fist Military Helicopter
One of his Patents
Some of his aircraft in use today
• The UH-60 Black Hawk was fielded by the Army in 1979.
The Navy received the SH- 60B Seahawk in 1983 and the
SH-60F in 1988. The Air Force received the MH-60G Pave
Hawk in 1982 while the Coast Guard received the HH-60J
Jay hawk in 1992. The unit cost varies with the version.
For example, the unit cost of the Army's UH-60L Black
Hawk is $5.9 million while the unit cost of the Air Force
MH-60G Pave Hawk is $10.2 million.
• MH-53E Sea Dragon
• CH-53E Super Stallion (The biggest helicopter
in the western world)
His Impact On Society
• His impact on society was that he made a helicopter that was easy to
use. It made it possible to get into places that fixed wing aircraft
couldn’t go. For example his helicopter was the first used to make a
sea rescue which saved two men’s lives.
• His helicopter also made it possible to save peoples lives in the war.
• The first war helicopters were used in was WWII.
Where I found my Information
I found it at About.com
And at American Treasures of the
Library of Congress.gov
It also came from
Engines of our