Natural Distribution Curve

Darts anyone?
A study in probability
Sean Macduff
ETEC 442
June 23, 2005
• 10th grade co-ed math
and science students
• Students should have
some understanding
of chance and
• Expert dart throwers,
not necessary.
The 10th grade students will be able to conduct and graph
experimental results by using darts to experimentally
gather data and analyzing data with knowledge of
averages and with graphs with a 100% accuracy.
• Math
• Data analysis, statistics and probability.
Standards 2 & 3.
• Science
• Domain 1. Scientific Inquiry and Safety.
• Educational Technology
• (5) Technology as a tool for research
Lesson Introduction
•This lesson will use darts and a target
board to obtain random data.
•A review of averages, and probability
will be conducted.
•Data will be graphed and analyzed.
Terminology Review
• Average Any one of several measures designed to
reveal the center of a collection of data
• Standard deviation Measure of variation equal to the
square root of the variance
• Mean The sum of a set of values divided by the number
of values
• Normal distribution Bell-shaped probability distribution
described algebraically by a curve
• Groups of 2 will have 50 throws at a target
• Groups will record dart position and tally
all darts thrown.
• Groups will use MS Excel to plot smooth
line graph.
Experiment cont.
•Students will compare their graph with
a theoretical one.
•All groups in the class will combine
data for a class count of 500 individual
•Class data will also be graphed and
compared to group data.
Lesson Closure
• Students will discuss why random acts will
produce a bell shaped curve..
• Discuss results with teacher.
• Cleanup.
Follow up activity
• Students will discuss other activities that
can be explained by normal distribution.
– Example, class grades, SAT test scores,
population densities . . .
• Students will be tested on their knowledge
of averages, means, and normal
• Students will be asked to explain and
analyze hypothetical data.
– Example, test scores . . .
• HCPS II Educational Technology Standards
• HCPS II Content Standards
• MS Clip Art