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World Literature & Composition
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Directions: Read the example introduction paragraph from a former WLC student. Highlight the
attention getter. Underline the thesis statement. Then answer the following question.
Example Introduction Paragraph
EPA WaterSense claims that an average family in the United States will use more than 300
gallons of water in one day alone. Most people tend to see water as something as a basic right to have,
and something that can never run out. This water is running out, not in the United States, but all around
Africa. The Water For Africa Institute reports that the citizens of Africa are limited to around 20 liters of
water each day, 30 liters of water less than what the UN says is the amount one needs to stay healthy and
avoid disease. Although many countries around the world don’t believe that this issue is worth their time
and money, it is clear to see that this water shortage is not only affecting the people, but also the
economy of Africa.
1. What is the topic of the student’s research paper?
2. What are the qualities of a good attention getter? How is or isn’t the attention getter in the above
paragraph effective?
3. How did the student further the attention getter past the first sentence so that it doesn’t stick out
and connect to his/her thesis?
4. What kind of sentence is the thesis statement? How do you know?
5. Explain how the thesis statement does not repeat information that the student has been taught,
but instead forwards a particular argument about the topic. Then, what is the argument that you
expect the paper to make?