Ch. 9 Choice Menu 2 Choose 1

Create a recruitment poster to convince
Americans to join the militia patrolling the west.
 Explain the different threats people in the
western United States faced. (include Native
Americans & their European allies)
 Who were the tribes that were being fought
and what were the names of their leaders?
 Color and use at least 4 colors in your poster.
Create a comic strip on Washington’s attempt to
stay neutral.
Your cartoon needs at least 6 different boxes.
Explain what European nations were fighting and
why Washington did not want to become involved.
Explain how European nations responded to
Washington’s desire for neutrality.
Explain how Jay’s Treaty tried to solve the issue.
Color your cartoons 4 different colors.
Use pages 260 & 261 to help you.
CH. 9
Create a Venn diagram that compares the Federalist &
 Draw 2 overlapping circles.
 Label one circle Federalist the other DemocraticRepublican.
 Label the area where the 2 circles overlap – both.
 Describe the beliefs of the political parties in their
corresponding circles.
 In the middle are list what the two parties have in
 Use pages 262 & 263 to help you.
Write a letter to President Adams in either
support or opposition of the Alien Sedition Acts.
Explain what position you are taking on the
Acts – for or against and why.
Be sure to explain what political party you
belong to in relation to the time period.
If you are against the Acts be sure to mention
States’ Rights in your letter.
Use pages 265 – 267 to help you.