6th Period
College Prep Algebra 2
Barb Dobbert
A few things about myself…
23 years of teaching experience
19 years at Clayton
Currently teach College Prep Algebra 2
And Honors Precalculus
Mathematics Department Chair
CHS Technology Committee
Lead CHS Technology Workshops
Lead District Differentiation Workshops
I have a sophomore and 8th grader.
Main topics of study in College Prep Algebra 2
Additional comments about Algebra 2:
A weekly syllabus is provided with daily
assignments, test and project announcements.
The syllabus can also be located on my website.
Homework is assigned almost every night, which
generally can be completed in 20 minutes or less.
Daily lessons and notes are posted on my website.
There will be multiple assessments throughout
the year including progress checks, quizzes,
projects, tests, daily assignments and a
cumulative exam at the end of each semester.
I am available to my students during periods 2,
3, 4, and 8, before school and after school.
Please encourage your child to see me if she/he
needs any additional assistance.
Algebra 3
College Prep Algebra 2 will provide opportunities for your child to
build upon prior learning and extend his/her knowledge of concepts
from Algebra to prepare for next year’s math course.
In February, your child’s math teacher will recommend your child
for either College Prep Algebra 3 or Precalculus. Students who
are recommended for College Prep Algebra 3 for next year will
have the opportunity to take Precalculus the following year.
Students who are recommended for Precalculus for next year will
have the opportunity to take Calculus the following year.
To provide the best course placement, any student who is
recommended for Precalculus next year will need to possess higher
level thinking skills, be able to apply studied concepts to new
situations, possess abstract reasoning skills, and possess good
student skills. Scores from key chapter tests will be considered for
the recommendation; these chapters include trigonometry,
logarithms, and systems of linear equations. Additionally, homework
completion, previous standardized test scores, and semester final
scores will be taken into consideration.
If your child DOES NOT currently have a calculator, please consider
purchasing the TI Nspire CX calculator. There is a code for
on-line access to activities that can be downloaded for extra practice.
Please feel free to call me at school (854-6710) or email anytime!! (barbaradobbert@claytonschools.net)
Visit our website:
I am available to help your child periods 2, 3, 4, and 8
before and after school.
Mathematics is all around us!
It’s been a GREAT
start to the year!!
On your note card, please provide the
Your name
Your child’s name
Best way to contact you (e-mail or phone number)
One thing about your child I probably do not