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Review 2
Honors Algebra I
Graph the solutions to each set of inequalities.
2. y  3x – 1
y – 3x > -6
-2x + 3y > 9
For a healthy person who is 4 feet 10 inches tall, the recommended lower weight limit is about
91 pounds and increases by about 3.7 pounds for each additional inch of height. The
recommended upper weight limit is about 119 pounds and increases by about 4.9 pounds for
each additional inch of height.
a. Let x be the number of inches by which a person’s height exceeds 4 feet 10 inches and let y
be the person’s weight in pounds. Write a system of inequalities describing the possible
values of x and y for a healthy person.
b. Sketch a graph of the system.
c. What is the recommended weight range for someone 6 feet tall?
To be a flight attendant, you must be at least 18 years old and at most 55 years old, and you
must be between 60 and 74 inches tall, inclusive. Let x represent a person’s age (in years) and
let y represent a person’s height (in inches). Write and graph a system of linear inequalities
showing the possible ages and heights for flight attendants.
You have 30 tokens for playing video games and pinball. It costs 3 tokens to play a video game
and 2 tokens to play pinball. You want to play an equal number of video games and pinball
games. Use a system of equations to find how many games of each you can play.
6. How many pounds of a $6/lb candy must be mixed with 2 pounds of a $2/lb candy to make a
candy mixture that is worth $5/lb?
7. Joe is eight years younger than Tom. Bob’s age is two years less than twice Joe’s age. Ten years
ago, the sum of their ages was 40. Find each person’s current age.