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7 Occupancy Killing Internet Marketing
Mistakes & How To Fix Them
Kevin Williams
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Who Am I?
 Built over 120 retirement community online
campaigns for large name organizations.
 Now President of
 Have been published numerous times in:
 McKnight’s Long Term Care New And Assisted
Kevin Williams
Long Term Living Magazine
Advanced Long Term Care Management
Chicago Tribune
National Real Estate Investor
And Many More
Mistake #1) Having A Flashy Website
 95% of websites are
utterly ineffective
 Madison Ave. vs. Direct
 What really is Branding
Direct Marketing Websites
 Your website should
follow direct response
 Get more leads
immediately without
spending another dime.
 Ask users to take a specific
 The way the search
engines work.
What Are You Trying To Accomplish?
 Leads?
 Nurture?
 Sales?
 Brochure?
#2) Not using 6 essential lead
generation elements.
1. Congruence With The Ad.
2. Navigational Ease And
3. Graphical Substance
4. Credentials
5. A Clear Call To Action
6. Provide Contact Information
#3) Asking before giving. Not
nurturing relationships.
 People are in research
Be the one to educate
them. Communicate early
and often.
 7 Exposures minimum
before making a decision.
Building The Emotional Bank
1. Understanding the Individual.
2. Keeping Commitments.
3. Clarifying Expectations.
4. Attending to the Little Things.
5. Showing Personal Integrity.
6. Apologizing When We Make a
#4) The wrong approach to
Search engine marketing
Rankings, Rankings,
“We’ll get you a top spot on Google... Hehehe!”
3 Easy Steps To Effective Search
Engine Marketing.
1. Get Ranked
2. Get Clicked
3. Get Leads
#5) Not taking proactive approach to
free reviews.
 Google Giving Away Top
Advertising Spots
 Competing with Yellow
 Free for Local businesses
 Shows Reviews
Where To Get Reviews
 Google Places for Business
 Senior care specific sites.
 Local review sites.
 Do searches online
For restaurants, A one-star increase in Yelp rating
leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue – Harvard
Business School Study by Assistant Professor Michael
4 Ways To Get Rave Reviews
 Quarterly drawing of ipad
or Visa gift card
 Ask new residents
 Include a call to action in
your email signature
 Activities and Events. Ask
for a video testimonial or
leave a review
#6) Not Viewing Marketing As A System.
 A Victim of Advertising
 Constantly reinventing the
 No follow up.
 No differentiation or USP.
Example Senior Living Marketing System
After Event or Tour
Landing Page with
Retargeting to
3 Step Bulky Direct
Mail Sequence
Segment List
Free Report & Email
Print Newsletter Offer
8 Step Email
6 appreciation &
birthday cards yearly
Print newsletter
Get The Tour
Blog Alerts & Monthly
Digital Newsletter
Invitations to events
Invitations to future
#7) Not tracking important metrics
 Cost per lead
 Analytics reports that look
like they’re in hieroglyphics.
The Most Important Metrics
Lifetime Value Of Customers = LVC
LVC = The value, in dollars that a customer is worth to you on average.
(Can be done globally but should be done by service type)
Global Ex. (Avg. Stay 21 Months X Avg. Rent $3,300 = $69,300)
Cost Per Customer Acquisition = CPA
CPA = How much money it costs you to get a new, paying resident.
(Can also be done globally but should also be done by marketing
Global Ex. ($10,000 Budget / 3 New Residents = $3,333)
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