Foul Water Pre-Lab Write-Up

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Foul Water Pre-Lab Write-Up
Directions: During the Foul Water Lab each student will be responsible for creating an
iMovie that illustrates each procedure you perform during the experiment. You will be
graded on your final product (Clarity, smell, etc.…) Before you begin the lab you are
responsible for creating the lab procedure. Below you will fill out the lab report and focus
on your lab procedure. The actual lab will be completed in pairs and a Google doc will
need to be created and shared with VK ( and Baydar. Each day
you test the water you will record your results and share your information.
1. TITLE. It must be specific. The title should describe exactly what the expt. was about.
You should center it on the line just below your heading.
2. PURPOSE: It states your problem. It is simple and easy for you to understand. You
may re-word the objective statement from the lab manual so it is in third person (your lab
manual writes in 2 nd person).
4. METHODS: You can state the Lab Manual’s title, author, lab #, lab title, and pages,
then you list any changes that you did from the listed procedure. If you worked from
sheets that have the procedure and materials already listed then just attach the sheets at
the end of the lab report.
5. DATA: This is all of your qualitative observations and quantitative measurements,
including tables, graphs (each table and graph is numbered and titled appropriately-be
specific with these titles, too!), and calculations. Data is your results; it is NOT
interpretation of your results. If you have difficulty typing calculations, ask me how to
use “equation editor” or write them.
6. DISCUSSION: The discussion consists of answers to the questions (the lab manual
calls them “Conclusions”) in COMPLETE SENTENCES so that the reader knows what
the question was.
7. CONCLUSION: This is an explanation and an interpretation. It is NOT a re-statement
of your purpose or a simple summary of the procedure. Remember: do not use I, we, or