The Tempest

The Tempest
Lesson 2
The language of critical analysis:
What words have you used in your homework that are specific to
analysing literature?
effect on the audience
Did you borrow any words or phrases from the model answer on
Animal Farm?
This shows us
alerts the reader
Example of writing at Band 5:
We already know that he wants to be King badly but when
he's asked by Buckingham to be King he says he's unworthy
"Being a bark to brook no mighty sea" which suggests he's
unworthy of the job and the word "bark" in this sentence which
means a vessel and symbolises Richard's body and himself and
the "mighty sea" symbolises the troubles faced when becoming
Example of writing at Band 6:
We know that Claudio is terribly naive and gullible from the
former trick played on him but we can furthermore realise how
he can be terribly impressionable. We can see this from the fact
that out of Claudio and Don Pedro, Claudio is first to believe the
falsehood. He, being the one who should have had more faith in
Hero, and known her not to be of the character to do such a
thing. I discover that even from the first thing he says in these
extracts, "If there be any impediment, I pray you discover it"
that he even feels towards Hero an uncertain and not entirely
trusting emotion.
How do these extracts draw the audience
into a mysterious world?
Opening summary
agreement with
the point made
in the question –
that it is
mysterious – but
also challenges it.
Appreciation of
the effects of
language through
comments and
These extracts immerse the reader into
Prospero’s world and show us how it feels to live
there. Although not all is mysterious, as the
familiar relationship between father and daughter
is played out in this strange setting.
In the first extract, we have a father who
possesses an “art” capable of creating “wild
waters” and a sky that might disgorge “stinking
pitch”. The use of alliteration and assonance
here, with the repeated ‘w’ sound and the short
‘I’ sound, enhance the devastating effect of the
storm. We have a vivid description of the scene
with “fraughting souls” suffering in a “brave
Uses words
with meanings
that are linked
to those in the
title giving
coherence and
of implications.
analysis of
language in
relation to
developed into
analysis of
question and
appreciation of
However, in the second extract, the
atmosphere is calm and reassuring as the father
tries to console his daughter and create an
atmosphere for disclosing hitherto unknown
information. The mystery continues though, with
the father behaving as magician removing his
“magic garment” and telling his daughter that she
“must now know further”. The audience now has
questions about the people on the boat and the
reasons for the magician to harm them, the extent
of the powers of the magician, the reason for a
father withholding information from his daughter
up to this point and a question about where all this
could be occurring.
Argument is
developed with
move between
Comparing the model with your homework,
identify 3 personal targets for your next
piece of analytical writing:
The reading skills that are assessed in the
Shakespeare Paper are:
your ability to understand a question and select relevant
material to suit your answer to it
your appreciation of how the language of the text informs
your analysis of the question
your ability to construct an appropriate argument and
develop your points in a coherent way
your understanding of character, theme, language or
performance in relation to the extract
Understanding a question:
In this scene, Prospero tells Miranda of his fall from power as
the Duke of Milan and how his brother, Antonio, betrayed his
In these extracts, Prospero is the victim of a plot to
undermine his authority. How is the the theme of power
corrupting explored?
Highlight key statements that offer an opportunity to agree
or challenge:
- is he a victim? - when is he a victim exactly? - which
quotations show this?
- does Antonio betray his trust ? - when? - how? - why?
- do we see a picture of how power corrupts? - when? what is
the message?
In these extracts, Prospero is the victim of a plot to
undermine his authority. How is the theme of power
corrupting explored?
2. Try to establish which of the 4 areas the question wants you to
focus on:
– character, theme, language, performance
In these extracts, Prospero is the victim of a plot to
undermine his authority. How is the the theme of power
corrupting explored?
Uses words
with meanings
that are linked
to those in the
title, giving
coherence and
of implications.
From Prospero's narrative, we do
not get a reason for Antonio’s behaviour,
so we assume it is prompted by a
malevolent jealousy and as such view
Prospero as a victim. Prospero’s
generosity is abused by his brother and
his fate leaves us with a very negative
picture of Antonio. Antonio does indeed
seem to have behaved in a corrupt way
and in becoming the current “Duke of
Milan”", we can only assume that it was
all done in pursuit of power.
What is the Shakespeare paper about?
How do you gain marks in it?
What do you do when you first see the
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