The Tempest is about
reconciliation not power.
Amanda Geddes 6S
The Tempest
• The tempest itself, a demonstration of Prospero’s
magical powers and sets the whole play in motion.
• ‘If by your art, my dearest father, you have Put the
wild waters in this roar, allay them.’- Act1:2 Lines
• It is a demonstration to the audience of the powers
Propero has command over. It is also a lie since it
was conjured by Ariel, a spirit in service to
Dukedom of Milan
• T o regain his dukedom of Milan Prospero uses
his powers over magic and Ariel to bring Alonso,
Antonio and the rest before him.
• ‘But you, my brace of lords, were I so minded I
here could pluck his highness’ frown upon you
And justify you traitors. At this time I will tell no
tales.’Act 5:1 129-132
Relationship of Ferdinand and Miranda
• Prospero has the power to set the relationship in a
course he sees fit.
• ‘It goes on, I see, As my soul prompts it.’-Act 1:2
• ‘They are both in either’s powers, but this swift
buisness I must uneasy make, lest too light
winning Make the prize light.’ Act 1:2 449-452
• He sets Ferdinand to work carrying logs, making
him work for Miranda and shows him that
Miranda is a prize to be earned.
Power over others
• Prospero binds Ariel and Caliban to his will,
holding them in his power.
• ‘If thou more nurmur’st, I will rend an oak And peg
thee in his knotty entrails till Thou hast Howled
away twelve winters.’-Prosero Act 1:2 295-297
• ‘I must obey. His art is of such power, It would
control my dam’s god Setebos, And would make a
vassal of him.’-Caliban Act 1:2 373-375
Quest for power
• Antonio longs for more power and plots to murder Alonso,
King of Naples, and convinces Sebastian, Alonso’s brother,
to help him and become the next King of Naples.
• ‘Th’occasion speaks thee, and My strong imagination sees
a crown Dropping upom thy head.’ Antonio Act 2:1 6-7
• ‘Draw thy sword. One stroke Shall free thee from the
tribute which thou payest, And I the King shall love thee.’ Sebatian Act 2:1 292-294
• Antonio’s plan to put Sebastian on the throne comes from
his desire to no longer pay tribute to Naples.