Soil Laws

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
 Resp. for sustained and productive mgt. of
diverse public lands & subsurface mineral
 Land mgt. model shifted from "multiple use"
to "ecosystem management."
 New “ecosystem mgt" principles evaluate the
total environment instead of the localized
land use planning.
United States Dept of Agriculture (USDA)
USDA recognizes that conservation by farmers,
ranchers and forest owners today means
thriving and sustainable agriculture for our
EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and
Rodenticide Act
Regulated by the EPA
States must register pesticide use to EPA
States are authorized to regulate pesticides under
FIFRA and state regulations. *
EPA regulates pesticides imported for use in the US
EPA participates in international agreements and
conservation practices
*Some states have stricter guidelines on pesticide use
than the EPA.
Signed by Pres Roosevelt
Intended to stop injury to private grazing lands
(exc. Alaska) by preventing overgrazing and soil
Overseer: Bureau of Land Mgt.
Land must be capable of
growing forage or crops used
to support livestock.
Organized grazing districts fr
private land owners—must
obtain a permit fr BLM.
Focus is leasing public land for grazing of
 Follows the same
conditions of the
Taylor Grazing Act
but for public lands.
 Livestock owner must
obtain a permit as well.
EPA requires stricter safety standards in the
use of pesticide use by US companies.
 Focus is on the use of pesticides and their
effect on public health.
 Established guidelines for insure tolerances
of pesticides can be used with “reasonable
certainty of no harm”!
Amended as RCA=Resources
Conservation Act
Overseen by the USDA
Appraises the status and trends of soil, water
& other nat resources on non-federal lands to
meet future demands.
Evaluates current and needed programs &
policies of resources.
Evaluates interrelated issues that affect
agriculture, forestry such as climate change,
biofuels & quality / availability of water.