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Introduction to ITS
Computing @ SU
Daniel Jeski
Service Center
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Online Learning Services
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Online Platforms
Information Technology
and Services
What we will cover ?
Why it is important to you ?
Myslice (& more)
Your NetID Account
Your personal identifier that provides
you access to SU computing resources
is public information. Only you
should know your password. No one else !!!
Self service (password resets / challenge question)
oCourse Catalog
oRegister for Classes
oPrint your class schedule
oView Bursar information
oFinancial Aid Information
oHousing/meals Information
oViewing Grades
oAnd more…
 (login)
25GB in box & 25MB attachments
Optimized Outlook experience
Web interface & mobile phone
Spam filtering and phishing protection
Keep your email address after you graduate
Microsoft Account – Skydrive, Messenger,
Skype, Xbox, Bing, Office Web Apps
Residential network
• Wireless network
• Wired network
Ethernet cable
Gaming Systems
Streaming Devices
Connected TV’s
• No Wireless router
• Telecommunications
– Standard cable (bring your own TV cable)
– Premium services (additional costs)
– Phone Service (additional costs)
The SU Wireless Network
It is everywhere on campus
– Campus locations
Encrypted secure connection (802.1x)
Requires your netid/password for authentication
Configure your computer for 802.1x campus wireless
Wireless Instructions
Safe Computing
 Protect your Netid
 Phishing
 Password security
 Protect your computer
Antivirus (Freeware is OK)
OS updates
Backup your important data
 Protect the campus network
 Quarantine process
 Email denial of service
 Protect your identity
 Social Networking
(facebook, myspace, twitter, etc)
Responsible Computing
It is illegal to download to your computer, copyrighted materials (including
music, video, images, games, software, etc.) for which you have not obtained
a license through purchase, rental agreement, or written permission from the
copyright owner.
It is illegal to distribute (share) copyrighted materials using your computer
without the written permission of the copyright owner, even if you have
obtained a license for the material through purchase or rental agreement.
Violating copyright laws is a serious issue that can result in severe legal
consequences. Copyright infringement also violates SU's Computing and
Electronic Communications Policy and can result in University disciplinary
action against students, faculty, and staff.
SU’s Knowledge base for technical, self-help
• NetID Credentials
 Hardware Support
 Software Support
 Operating System Specific
• Mac/Windows/ubuntu/
 SU Application Support
• Sumail, Blackboard, etc
 Updated Regularly
ITS Lab Computers
Public labs vs Department specific labs
Netid is your account to log onto Lab computers
Available software
Public lab locations and hours
Protect your account Restart or Log off
after using a ITS lab computer
Your Network Drive
• Never save important information on C:\ drive
• Save data to your H:\drive to access all
across campus
• 1 GB space available!
• Can be accessed through
- ITS labs
- ResNET
• 24/7 availability
This Virtual Private Network (VPN) service enables students, faculty, and staff to access
online University information resources and services from off-campus locations
Uses your Netid and password
Remotely access drives
Connect to network printers
Data is encrypted; ensures
security and privacy
 It is a free service
 Windows Users can access
drives right from their PC’s “My
Computer” or “Computer” folder
 Mac users: Manual
Configuration required
Printing in ITS Labs
 Printing accounting system
$20 credit per academic year
 Duplex printing available
 Wireless printing available
 Print Quota Management
Go to
View the amount of money credited to your account
View your printing history
Add money to your account using a credit card
Information -
SU resources on the web
SU Directory
University Library
Student Employment
Walk In Center
• Located at 1-227 Life Sciences
• Open 7 Days a Week!
Quarantine Recovery
General Computing Assistance
U-FixIT! – We’ll provide the tools!
Trouble Shooting Services –
Spyware, AV, OS problems
Online Learning Services
Bb Mobile
Adobe Connect
Ensemble Video
Online Platforms
Online platforms (OP) group
Mission Statement:
Online Platforms provides web based solutions that enable departments,
divisions and individuals within the SU community to publish and collaborate
Services include:
– Expressions
– Mobile app
– Orange Tracker
Expressions service
Expressions is a service that allows members of the SU community to
build and maintain websites using WordPress
• The WordPress interface is easy to
use and intuitive
• There are literally thousands of
plugins and themes to enhance your
site’s look and functionality
• There is a large community
continually developing and improving
• Nearly 20% of websites on the
internet are built with WordPress
Signing up for Expressions
All you need to set up an expressions site is an active NETID
In a browser – go to -and click register
Registering your Site
Insert a site title and description in the form and click the make site button
Visiting your new Site
After clicking the make my site button, you’ll be prompted to visit or log in to
your new site
Site Administration
The Administration panel is where you’ll manage the content of your
WordPress site you can log in by adding /wp-login.php to your site URL
The Dashboard
The administration Dashboard
Main controls
Site Statistics
Quick Actions
WordPress News
Creating a Post
When creating a blog entry, you’ll write a post. Post entries display in
reverse chronological order on your home page
First - Click Posts in the left navigation of the administration bar
Adding Post Content
Next - Click the add new button toward the top of the page and you’ll be
brought to the add/edit post content page
Post title
Publish Controls
Post Content
Getting Help with
Expressions Answers page: provides
key information about site set up and maintenance
• How to set up and use Expressions
• Expressions FAQ
• Links to WordPress configuration and
development documentation
SU Mobile App
Access SU information from your mobile device anytime and anywhere
at or through the IOS app store and Android marketplace
Features of the app include:
• News and event feeds
• Maps
• SU Directory
• Weather
• Helpdesk access
• SU Library information
• SU Dining hall information
and hours
Getting Help
Web Resources
Phone Assistance
•Academic Year 8am – 5pm M – F Live Support
•Summer 8am – 4:30pm M – F Live Support
•Year –round Weekend and after hours call to leave a message
The Syracuse University Office of Disability Services (ODS) works with
students to provide support and accommodations that are necessary
and appropriate.
To learn more about SU’s commitment
to inclusion and accessibility visit:
Information Technology and Services
Have a Great experience at
Syracuse University