Guided Notes Ch. 1.1 Gov't & the State

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Government and the State: Chapter 1.1
What is Government?
Public Policies:
In order for governments to make and carry out public policies, governments must have power.
Government Power:
Every government has and exercises three basic kind of power.
1. Legislative2. Executive3. Judicial
Powers of a government are outlined in a country’s constitution.
What is a Constitution?:
Dictatorship vs. Democracy:
Dictatorship- executive, legislative, and judicial power is held by a single person or small group.
- People have very little power and/ or say in how the government is run.
The State:
State = nation or country
4 Characteristics of the State:
1. Population2. Territory3. Sovereignty4. GovernmentTheories on how the state came about:
The Force Theory:
Evolutionary Theory:
Divine Right Theory:
Social Contract Theory: