what we offer

NorthPointe Gymnastics ~ Fremont Mi ~ npgymnastics.com ~ 231-923-3557 ~ [email protected]
Preschool gymnastics ~ 45 minutes. Classes are combined boys/girls
Ages 15 months - 5 years.
Our preschool gymnastics classes are designed to develop motor skills, coordination, and strength all while having fun!
Not only will your little one learn gymnastics, but we incorporate turn taking, listening skills, game playing all
while encouraging interaction with others! These classes build on each other, each age group will be learning how to
perform fwd/bkwd rolls, hand placement for cartwheels, coordination, balance, trampoline safety and much more!
PARENT/TOT AGES: 15months - 3 yrs (Parent Participation required)
Recreational gymnastics ~ 1 HOUR Classes are separated into boys or girls.
Ages of 5 ½ - 12
 We offer a Non-competitive gymnastics teaching curriculum that includes a "Skill report card" for each child. Your child
will receive this in the spring with 20-30 skills on it! This will allow you to see your child's achievements along with the
skills they are still working on!
 Our program is an introductory/intermediate recreational gymnastics program that offers your child the ability to learn
gymnastics in a fun and positive atmosphere! We will offer higher levels as needed.
 Girls recreational classes include: Drills and skills on all four of our events: Floor, Vault/Tumble Track, Bars and Beam.
 Boys recreational classes include: Floor, Bars, Vault/Tumble Track, Rings and Pommel skills.
BITTY BAMBI'S Level 1 (GIRLS 5-8 yrs) (no/little gymnastics experience)
BITTY BAMBI'S Level 2 (GIRLS 5-8 yrs) (Previous gymnastics experience )
MOVIN' MINNIE'S Level 1 (GIRLS 9-12 yrs) (no/little gymnastics experience)
MOVIN' MINNIE'S Level 2 (GIRLS 9-12 yrs) (Previous gymnastics experience)
DARING DONALDS: Level 1-2 (BOYS 6-12 yrs) Beginning and fundamentals of gymnastics
JUMPING JAGUARS: Level 2 (BOYS May be added)
TUMBLE TIME CLASSES: Provides Boys/Girls, ages 6-12, with instruction on the long trampoline and
the tumble strip floor. They will develop skills that can be carried over into other sports. Students work
at their own pace, building trampoline skills along with working on the floor to develop tumbling skills,
strength, flexibility and endurance. We will offer Beginning and Intermediate tumbling classes as our
program grows!
GIRLS TUMBLE/CHEER CLASS: This class provides girls from the ages of 6-9 and 9-12 to work on
their tumbling skills, flexibility and jumps to further their Cheerleading skills!
HOME-SCHOOL CLASSES: Combines full-body exercises with the fun of gymnastics. 6-12 year old,
Home-schooled children, are invited to take part in this class. It is designed to improve strength,
endurance, agility and basic tumbling skills while helping reach their PE requirements! It is a
combination of group games and gymnastics.
GYM ACTIVITY TIME (2 1/2-6yrs): This is a special preschool/gymnastics day camp throughout
the year! A time of gymnastics, games and crafts/coloring for your little ones to participate in age
appropriate activities in a safe, fun atmosphere! They will have the following activities during this 1 ½
hours of FUN:
Circle Time & introducing the Letter of the week!
Group Games incorporating colors/shapes etc!
Craft/Activity pertaining to the letter of the week
Gymnastics play/skill time
Snack time