Criminal Law and defense worksheet

Criminal Justice: Criminal Law
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Period: ______
Date: __________
Instruction: Complete the following matching, vocabulary and answer any questions with detailed
Word Bank- Administrative law, Case law, Civil law, Criminal law, Procedural law
__________________: the body of rules and regulations that define and specify the nature of
and punishments for offenses of a public nature or for wrongs committed against the state or
society. (penal law)
__________________: laws that govern relationships between parties. (contracts, divorce, wills,
business practices)
__________________: body of regulations that governments create to control the activities of
industry, business and individuals. (tax law, health codes, building codes, environment
__________________: Come from precedents established with court case decisions which
support judges interpretation of the law.
__________________: the part of the law that specifies the methods to be used in enforcing
substantive law (warrants, gathering of evidence, trial process) **substantive law: describes
what constitutes specific crimes, such as rape, murder, robbery and assault.
Read the Introduction and the Nature and the Purpose of Law and summarize what laws do in your
own words.
Define: Statutory Law:
Penal Code:
Turn to page 123-24 and define and give an example of Tort.
Define : Class Action Lawsuit:
Compensatory Damages:
Punitive Damages:
Gross Negligence:
Turn to page 129-30 and describe the difference between Treason and Espionage provide an
example of both.
Define and describe the 2 types of Inchoate Offenses.
Beyond the 4 elements of crime there are other features that describe modern western crime summarize each of the 5 category
Causation is the fourth element but describe Legal Cause –
Necessary Attendant Circumstances: