SIOP® Lesson Plan Template 1

Mr. Russo’s Lesson Plans for Week Four
Date: 9/7 to 9/10
Grade/Class/Subject: Law II
Unit/Theme: Chap. I Crime and Criminal Justice
Standards/ Law II Competencies: I.2, I.3, I.4, I.5, I.6, IV.1 IV.2, and VI.5
Content Objective(s): S.W.B.A.T.
1. Identify and describe the critical decision points in the criminal justice process.
2. List and describe th four different stages of the Criminal Justice “Wedding Cake”
3. Analyze and describe the importance of the informal criminal justice system.
Language Objective(s): S.W.B.A.T.
1. Read, form an opinion, and write an informal essay on the occupation of Municipal Police
Officer – Create and list pros and cons.
2. Identify key terms and take Cornell Notes on chapter one in the Intro. To CJ text.
Lesson Sequence:
The students are to read pages 12 and 13 (section on Careers in Criminal Justice) and will
formulate an opinion and write an informal opinion paper on the occupation, this paper is to be
completed by Friday 9-10. I will complete a book check this week to see if my students are
bringing their textbooks to class. The students will also be given review questions to turn in by
Friday 9-10. The students will be finishing notes on chapter one from the book powerpoint and
also from my own Powerpoint.
Key Vocabulary: Chapter One (cont. from week three)
criminal justice system
courtroom workgroup
crime control perspective
cyber crime
cyber terrorism
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
due process perspective
etailing fraud
exclusionary rule
identity theft
in-presence requirement
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA)
Integration of Processes
_X_ Reading
_X_ Writing
___ Speaking
_X_ Listening
_X_ Hands-on
_X_ Meaningful
_X_ Linked to objectives
_X_ Promotes engagement
_X_ Individual
_X_ Group
_X_ Written
___ Oral
Asses the students by how well they work in groups, the attentiveness to instruction and
the frequency of bringing their books to class. Have Students turn in the opinion paper
and the questions for chapter one. We will finish chapter one this week.