Activity 1.21 The Ratings Game

Activity 1.21
Activity 1.21
The Ratings Game
Introduction: The ESRB rates video games according to their standards. What does a game
need to be rated M vs. T? Let’s take a look at the ratings and apply them to popular games.
Internet, curriculum background information, and index cards or other writing medium.
Part 1: Research ratings.
1. Watch this video if it the link is still active.
2. Each one of you will be assigned a different ERSB rating. Research the assigned rating
online or from the curriculum. Select 3 popular games that have this rating.
( will allow you to search by rating).
3. Make an (index card, flyer, small notes) with the following information.
a. What the rating means
b. Define any special words (Crude humor)
c. 3 games that have this rating
4. Report to the class about their ratings. (Not all of you may report depending on the class
Part 2: Video games ratings
1. Think of your favorite video game you like to play.
2. Using the ERSB site find the rating of the game.
3. List on a (index card, flyer, small notes) 3-5 examples in their game that you feel will
demonstrate why the game received the rating.
Part 3: Violence in video games
1. Look at these links
Activity 1.21
2. Read this statement:
“Society believes that computer games provoke aggressive behavior in
3. Write a small essay and agree or disagree with the statement. Give at least 3 arguments
for your opinion.
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