Study Guide Unit 7 - Ancient Greece

Study guide for Ancient Greece test
Chapter 4
Section 1
What are two major geographical features in this ancient place?
What were two disadvantages of Greece’s physical geography?
What were two advantages of Greece’s physical geography?
Why were early Greeks so “fiercely independent”?
Where was the Minoan civilization located?
What were key characteristics of the Minoans?
How did the Minoans influence the Mycenaeans?
How did the Mycenaeans show their control of the area?
What caused the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization?
Why do historians call the time between 1100 BC and 750 BC the Dark Age?
What was one positive result of the Dark Age?
Who moved onto the Balkan peninsula and into the Peloponnesus?
What did these people bring with them that helped the people who still remained on the Greek
What brought about a revival and moved Greece out of the “Dark Age”?
Why did the people in Greece start colonies?
Name 4 places where Greek colonies were established.
What was the one significant result of the establishment of these colonies?
What did the colonists ship to the “parent” cities?
What did the colonists receive from the mainland?
What caused trade to increase even further? Why?
Section 2
How were the Greek city states similar? different?
What is a tyrant? What put and kept the tyrants in power?
Why were some tyrants popular?
Even though tyrants did good things for the people, what did the Greek people value and really
Define oligarchy
Define democracy
What type of government did Sparta have?
What type of government did Athens have?
How did Sparta expand its territory and control?
What did the Spartans call their captives? What does it mean?
Why did Sparta so firmly control its people?
List the ways Spartan boys were treated in order to make them tough.
How were Spartan girls and women treated?
How were children in Athens different from children in Sparta?
What did the people in Athens really want for their government?
Why are Solon, Peisistratus, and Cleisthenes important in the history of Athenian government?
Section 3
What made the Persians so strong?
Who were the three great Persian emperors?
How did they interact with Greece?
What were the effects (positive and negative) of the Persians wars on Greece?
Section 4
What is the difference between a direct democracy and a representative democracy?
What was the Delian League and what was its purpose?
Who was Pericles? What did he do? What was his vision for Athens?
How and why did the Athenian economy grow and thrive (prosper)?
What caused the Peloponnesian War?
Who was fighting and who won?
What were the long term effects of the war on Greece?
Chapter 5
Famous people from the crossword puzzle.
What was the oracle at Delphi?
What were at least three characteristics of architecture that we still use today?