Summer Assignment AP Stats - JRosePollack

Congratulations on signing up for AP Statistics!
The purpose of this summer assignment is to review key statistical concepts
learned in previous math/science courses and to introduce additional
vocabulary and concepts (from Chapter-1) that will be used throughout this course. As
an AP-level course with an engaging and vigorous curriculum, it is essential that you pace
through this material so that we have the time we need to focus on more interesting
and complex concepts.
Since many of the concepts addressed in Chapter-1 have already been introduced in
previous courses, a minimum of class time will be devoted to this material. At the same
time, however, given the importance and foundational nature of this material, it is
essential that every student be well grounded on these fundamental topics. To
facilitate this, the following expectations should be clear:
 you are encouraged to begin studying this material by mid-summer in order to be
able to devote sufficient quality time with these foundational topics
 this assignment will be graded for completion and accuracy, and will be counted
as a significant homework assignment.
 this content will be assessed through a 100 point test in the first week of class.
As time will be devoted to reviewing /correcting this work during the first day of class,
this work must be completed for the first moment of our course together. In other
words, this is considered an explicit prerequisite for entry into this course.
The due date for this assignment is the first day of class, and failing to have this done
completely on the first day of class will result in a grade reduction of 50%. Failure to
have this work completed by the start of the second day of class will result in you
surrendering your place in this class.
Required Course Materials:
 Textbook for course: Starnes, D.S., Yates, D.S., & Moore, D.S. The Practice of
Statistics. 4th Edition. NY: W.H. Freeman & Co., 2010.
This is the textbook used for this summer assignment as well, as referenced below.
For students unable to pick up their textbook, a copy of the Chapter-1 material needed
to complete this summer assignment can be found on my website (see website info
below), to enable you to get started.
TI-84 Plus graphing calculator (a TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Silver) or TI-Nspire
will be needed by the first day of class. The TI-84 Plus (or later) series is
recommended, since the TI-83 series does not have certain statistical functions
built in (e.g., InvT)
AP Stats Exam preparation book (specific details to follow)
Assignment Specifics:
Outline Chapter-1 (pp. 2-69) concepts, including, at a minimum,
complete descriptions/explanations of each of the following key
(1) Individuals vs. Variables
(2) Categorical variables vs Quantitative variables
(3) Distribution of a Variable
(4) Pie charts (how to interpret/construct)
Obviously, these people
did not read Chapter 1!
(5) Bar graphs vs Histograms (when to use;
how to construct; distinction between)
(6) Determining/interpreting Marginal versus Conditional
distributions based on two-way tables
(7) Dotplots vs Stem-and-leaf plots (e.g., interpretation; how to construct)
(8) Mean, Median, Mode & Range of a distribution
(9) Shape of a distribution (symmetric vs. left-skewed vs right-skewed)
(10) Outliers of a distribution, including rules-of-thumb for identifying outliers
(11) Q1, Q3, interquartile range (IQR) and "five-number summary" (interpreting &
(12) How to construct & interpret a boxplot with outliers
(13) Variance and Standard deviation (how to calculate & interpret)
Answer the even-numbered questions listed below for Chapter-1. For reference,
please note that the textbook includes the solutions to both the "Check Your
Understanding" questions in each section as well as the odd- numbered questions
at the end of each section (see back of book for solutions). Also, each evennumbered problem is similar to its corresponding odd-numbered problem, so you
can use the answers to an odd-numbered problem as a hint, if needed.
Introduction exercises on pp. 7-8: Do # 2, 4, and 8.
Section 1.1 exercises on pp. 22-26: Do # 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 22.
Section 1.2 exercises on pp. 42-50: Do # 42, 44, 46, 48, 52, 54, 68, 70, and 72.
Section 1.3 exercises on pp. 70-74: Do # 80, 82, 90, 92 and 110
Since you will be handing in the above items on the first day of class, it is recommended
that you retain a copy for your use in studying for the test on this material (scheduled
for the first week of class).
Website Information:
Throughout this course, we will be using resources posted to my website,
From this website, simply select the link in the left margin for "AP Statistics"
This webpage includes the following:
 Copy of this summer assignment
 Links to useful additional resources.
I look forward to beginning our journey in AP Statistics this fall as we explore the
power of statistical techniques and their unlimited applications across academic
disciplines and in use in so many fields. In the meantime, if you have any questions
concerning this assignment or the course as a whole, please feel free to contact me by
email at: [email protected]
Enjoy your summer!
Ms. Jessica Pollack
Math Teacher, Burr and Burton Academy