The Study of Life - Nicholas County Schools

The Study of Life
Chapter 1
Learning Targets
I can…
1. Describe what organisms need to be
considered alive
2. Explain the levels of organization
within an organism
Introduction to Biology
• Biology – the study of life
• Biologists study:
• Origins and history of life
• Structures of living things
• How living things interact
with one another
• How living things function
Introduction to Biology
• Biologists make discoveries and seek
explanations by performing laboratory
and field investigations
• 4 Areas of Research Include:
• Diversity of Life
• Interactions of Life
• Interactions with Environment
• Pose Problems and Determine Solutions
Introduction to Biology
• Biologist spend their time studying organisms that
are alive
• Organisms – anything that possesses the characteristics of
• Characteristics of Life Include:
1. Made of one or more cells
2. Displays organization
3. Grows and develops
4. Reproduces
5. Responds to stimuli
6. Requires energy
7. Maintains homeostasis
8. Adaptations evolve over time
Characteristics of Life
1. Made of one or more cells
• The cell is the basic unit of life
2. Displays organization
Organ System
Characteristics of Life
3. Grows and Develops
• Growth results in an
increase in mass
• Development results in
different abilities
4. Reproduces
• Passes along genetic
traits to the next
Characteristics of Life
5. Responds to Stimuli
• Reacts to internal
and external changes
6. Requires Energy
• Energy is required
for all life functions
and processes
Characteristics of Life
7. Maintains Homeostasis
• Keeps internal
environments stable
8. Adaptations Evolve
Over Time
• Adaptations – inherited
changes that occur over
time that help the species
Kahoot Review Game
• In assigned groups, you will work
together to answer questions shown on
the screen.
• The group with the most questions
correct and the fastest time, wins 2
pieces of candy!
• Second fastest group wins 1 piece of
• Everyone else gets a pat on the back
Kahoot.It Review Game
• Each team will need one phone with
access to the internet (google chrome,
i.e., etc)
• Enter address “”
• Enter the pin displayed on the screen
• For group name, enter in the first initial
of each individual in your group