Fungi Sample Questions - SemOneAPBioFinalExamReview

Sample Questions
1. Members of which phylum of fungi are coenzytic?
2. Some members of which phylum of fungi have flagellated spores?
3. Kingdom Fungi are located in what Domain?
4. Fungi cell walls are made out of…
5. What is the vegetative part of a fungus called?
6. What are the threadlike filaments that form the mycelium?
7. What’s a synonym for saprophyte?
8. Mutualism is a type of _____ relation
9. Name one thing that all fungi have in common
10. What are some differences between fungi and plants?
Answers to Sample Questions
1. Zygomycota
2. Chytridiomycoata
3. Eukarya
4. Chitin
5. Mycelium
6. Hypha
7. Detrivore or decomposer
8. Symbiotic
9. Produce spores, have a dikaryotic stage, answers may vary
10. Fungi are heterotrophs, not autotrophs; cell walls is chitin, not cellulose; produce spores, not seeds;
spores are non-motile, unlike gametes of animals and plants.