Anthem Introduction PPT Take 2

About the Author
Ayn Rand
Born in St. Petersburg, Russia
 Disliked the mysticism (acceptance of
allegations without proof or evidence) and
collectivism of Russian culture (communism)
Studied psychology and history in college
Liked America’s freedom
 Got permission to visit American
relatives. Told Soviet authorities her
visit would be short but planned on
never returning home.
About the Author
Eventually went to Hollywood where
Cecil B. DeMille (big-time movie director of the
10s-50s –The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Show on Earth, Cleopatra)
saw her at the studio gate and gave her a job
as an extra.
 Met actor Frank O’Connor that week.
 He later became her husband.
Worked behind the scenes in Hollywood then
eventually wrote her first novel, We the Living,
in 1934.
 It is about Soviet tyranny.
Wrote Anthem in 1938.
Terms to Know
Romantic Hero
 We discussed this during The Count of
Monte Cristo. See if you still have the notes.
If not, print them off my website!
 Complexity and length is between a short
story and a novel
 Story has a compact and pointed plot
Terms to Know
 A fictional society in which people lead dehumanized
and often fearful lives.
○ The Hunger Games
○ Divergent Series
○ The Matrix
○ The Giver
○ Matched
○ Fahrenheit 451
○ 1984
○ Brave New World
○ Can you think of others?
Terms to Know
 Suppression of the individual to a group (a
race, class, state).
 Man must be chained to collective action
and collective thought for the sake of what is
called “the common good.”
Pros and Cons?
“Ask not what your country can
do for you; Ask what you can do
for your country.”
John F. Kennedy
Basic Info
Setting: In the future; unidentified city
 Characters have names and numbers
 Equality – 2521
All characters refer to themselves as
“we” and “our” rather than “I” and “me”.
 This goes along with the collectivism idea.
Themes in Anthem
In Ayn Rand’s words, the primary
thematic idea of the novella is “The
Meaning of man’s ego.”
 Additional Thematic Topics are:
○ Collectivism
○ Individuality
○ Conformity
○ Equality
Think About It—Choose a Side
Equality will never truly exist in society?
Agree or Disagree. Explain
 Conformity is the only way to truly feel
accepted in today’s society? Agree or
Disagree. Explain
 Individuality should be more important
than the collective group. Agree or
Disagree. Explain
 True individuality can never be achieved
in our society. Agree or Disagree.
You could win MONEY!!
Ayn Rand Institute (Essay Contest)
 This essay will be mandatory and
assigned at a later date.