Station Model

Objective: 20 March 2013
Interpret and create a weather station model.
What information can you gather
about the following station model?
- Open white textbook to pg. C7
- Pick-up worksheet from front table
-Tape WS into notebook
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Weather Forecasting
Station Model (Copy this!)
Middle Cloud Type
Air Temp (°C)
Dew Pnt. (°C)
High Cloud Type
Air Pressure
Cloud Cover
Wind speed &
Low Cloud Type
Weather Forecasting
Station Model (pg. C7 in white book)
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Open white
textbook to
pg. C7
Station Models
In Tallahassee Florida, a weather station was
inundated with heavy rains from a subtropical storm
that moved in off the coast. The barometric pressure
is reading 29. Cumulonimbus clouds cover about
75% of the sky, and high winds of more than 37
km/h are coming in from the East. The wind has
chilled the air to a brisk 20° C, with the dew point
sitting at around 15° C. Visibility is 60 because of
the rain, but the clear part of the sky indicates the
storm will lift soon, allowing the cirrocumulus and
altocumulus clouds to poke through.
Station Models
The Las Vegas weather station has observed a
record high temperature today of 47.7° C and a
barometer reading of 30 kPa. The sky is sunny, with
only a few cirrostratus clouds visible. Winds are
coming out of the Northeast, but are barely
registering at a calm 3 km/h. Due to the calm
winds, a light haze can be seen above the city, but
visibility remains high at 85. The dew point is 37° C.
Station Models
Just outside Indianapolis, Indiana, a weather station
recorded winds towards the Southwest of more than
45 km/h, indicating a storm is approaching quickly.
At last observation the sky was completely covered
in a large cumulonimbus cloud, with some
altocumulus and cirrus just barely visible. The low
clouds produced some rain. Barometric pressure has
dropped to 28, and the temperature is a very cool
18.3° C (The dew point is about six degrees lower).
Due to the strong winds kicking up debris, visibility
has dropped to 45.
Station Models
At the Mt. St. Helens weather station, a recent
volcanic eruption has blocked out all views of the
sky. The temperature is a cool 23.8° C, with a dew
point of 18.5° C. Do to the extensive dust and ash,
visibility is low, around 15. There is a thick haze
surrounding the area, but the wind from the north is
strong enough (about 19 km/h) to clear it up in a
few days. The barometric pressure is 30.
Station Models
A high pressure zone has just entered into Arkansas,
bringing clear sunny skies to the area. The
barometer reads 31, and there isn’t a cloud in the
sky. The temperature is a very nice 29.4°C and the
dew point of 18.8° C indicates there may be some
drizzle later today. For now, though, the weather is
clear, and the wind is a calm breeze of 9 km/h
coming from the West. Visibility is 90.
Station Models
A temperature of -9.4° C was reported in
Fairbanks, Alaska, along with heavy snow and a
barometric reading of 28. Winds are calm, but the
thick snow has reduced visibility down to 25, and
people are being advised to stay off the roads for
the next 12 hours. From the station, cirrocumulus and
altostratus clouds were observed, just before the
large cumulonimbus cloud moved in with the snowshowers. The dew point is 3 degrees below the