File - India Young level 3

Table of Contents
Table of contents
• Water problems
• Andhra Pradesh
Water Sector
• No transportation
• Sustainable urban
Transport project
• NO roads
• Rural Roads Project
What’s in need
• I am President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil on behalf of
the people of India; I would like to make a request a
development loan of $28,173 million to help improve the
lives of all the people of my country. This money would
go towards developing roads in India, being clean water,
and transportation. This money will help improve the
lives of the people of India, and give them hopes, jobs
and secure that they are in good hands
• India’s population is a high in 2005 the population
reached 1,103,371.
• At the rate of there consumption they will only have
1.442.24 of water left in 2015.
• That creates a lot of complication for India because they
don’t have much clean water there renewable water
resources in 2005 were 1.718.97.
Andhra Pradesh Water Sector
• program allows India to have access to clean water,
which will stop the spread of diseases.
• This program cost 988.97 million dollars which would
allow the children, women and men the right to free and
clean water.
• Many infections and other diseases and other injuries
might be cured because of this free access to water
NO transportation
Not that many roads exists, without these road and bus
and trains not many people can get around to work.
• The employment rate is 10.70% which means that
people are either to sick to work or have a hard time
getting into town to get a job.
• Each person in India GDP per capita is $3,100. But not
every person in India can get a job and bring in that
Sustainable Urban Transport
• This program gives people ride to work, school, stores,
and hospitals.
• This project targets everyone who lives in urban
communities, and allows them to access the bus to go
anywhere when needed.
• This program cost $328.33 million dollars. If they
continues to build these road systems it will allow for
medicine to be brought to the people in need.
• It also will decrease the employment rate and raise the
GDP per capita, and get India out of debt with other
• Problem in India is that they barely have roads
sometimes just desert.
• India’s Imports is $274,300,000 and their exports is
$168,200,000, so if they built roads India can start
exports more than they import.
Rural Roads Project
• This program will allow cars and bus to move smoothly
across the streets and deserts of India.
• It also provides roads to transport food, water, supplies
and education.
• This project cost $1500 dollars which means they can
build many roads in India
• Finally, I would like to thank you President Robert B.
Zoellick, Hopfully sometime in the future there will be
more roads to drive and transport goods, clean water to
stop disease from being fathered, and transportation to
make it easier to get to and from work. If you gave India
this money, India would become a more independent
country and it would help us become a better place for
us and for all who visits.
Sincerely, President Smt. Pratibha
Devisingh Patil