Friday (moderate winds from the east)

Friday (moderate winds from the east)
Hurried beyond the bonfire
Unfold in dragging pace
The old and the new world
Old gentlemen
Carriers and keepers of culture and so language
Groan under the weight of
Bulky books of forgery
Literal texts of speeches and statements
Juridical concepts and theories
More then fifty pages word
Comforting writings
Some have
Tears on cheeks
Air alert cries
In their march they encountered sporadic
No fields or roads
Mostly slippy and sloping roads
Flat roads are treacherous
And the fishermen too sailed like any other day
A historic day. The book gets closed
They will get a laboratory
Faint light, yellowed writings and piano music
Guards who have to be aware of their safety
Unmanned cameras on the roof
This is the best new year
I looked up and shouted: Hey, wake up
Look at all these houses in the neighbourhood
Sitting rooms only filled with mist
Coarse-grained but in real-time
Television images with mixed feelings
Mostly directly broadcasted debates, interviews,
Lectures and conferences.
Often they graze reality
Only an occasional individual is willing to sit
What was to be seen of fire and smoke
Marked the hit target
Three minutes wailing sirens
The dusty ether, a waving tone
Sounds the ‘all safe’
With a touch of fatalism
The book fair provides comfort
It’s good to be here
To see thousands of books
Enchanting the senses
More fascinating than all these soft and nagging
Men in power with diligence
The result is always dead and destruction
Nobody will deny the suffering and the adversity caused by violence. Ain’t that enough
reason to put an end to this if necessary with violence. How many victims would that cost.
Rapidly I took
a few snorters
and switch time off.